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Why you should have residential solar lighting

Why you should have residential solar lighting


Lights have always been a part of man’s existence. Man developed its other sources for the night like the use of burning torches, candles before moving to incandescent and florescent tubes and now, residential solar lighting systems.
residential solar lightingSolar power lights are stand-alone sources as they do not need to be wired to any transformers. Getting a solar powered light installed is as simple as just putting them in the ground or getting them placed at your choice of location or position. The disadvantage of residential solar lighting is that the photovoltaic charging panels which are usually located at the top of the lighting system require direct sunlight during the day time to enable charging of the batteries that will light up  later at night. And so, in areas where the nights are longer than the days, it means the photovoltaic charging panels will not get well charged before the night comes again which reduces the lighting efficiency and time span of the solar lighting systems.
Asides that, solar lighting is becoming very popular as a lot of people are beginning to understand its benefits, although this has not always been the case. Before now, solar lighting system was not accepted because the lights were not bright enough and had very low efficiency and life span as they did not operate more than two years before becoming defective. However, today’s residential solar lighting systems are so bright and will illuminate the whole night and best of all, they can last for fifteen to twenty years without defect and maintenance.residential solar lighting
These dramatic improvements in residential solar lighting reliability are because of two most recent advances in lighting technology. They include introduction of Light Emitting Diode (LED) and photovoltaic cells.
The LED is the manipulating of electrons and moving them in a particular direction so that photons are made which in turn produces light. Photovoltaic cells help in capturing solar energy.
Many individuals now prefer solar lighting because this lighting system is way more energy efficient and reliable and are far easier to install. Best of all is, there is great satisfaction from getting free energy from the sun.
Some other advantages of Solar Lighting are listed below
1.    Since you get the energy for free from the sun, you will notice a tremendous drop in electricity bill even after illuminating your night for eight to ten hours.
2.    Solar lights are safer lighting options for you and your household. This is because they do not require wires and connections to function. This is a better option especially when you have kids living with you.
3.    When you have residential solar lighting in your home, you feel safe as it provides a form of security for your home and neighborhood as solar lights provide glow to your home during the night just in case there is a form of power failure.
4.    It requires little maintenance especially considering the absence of wires.
5.    Be it your residential, commercial or industrial needs, residential solar LED lighting are accessible in different sizes and designs to fit your needs.

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