December 18, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow


led fog light bulbsIt had been said many times over that “speed kills”, but it is not only speed that kills as it is extremely difficult and risky to drive in adverse weather conditions such as torrential rainfalls, snows, fog, mist, with normal lights and thus accident rates are on the high side at such times and this challenge paves the way for LED fog lights which are specially designed for situations like these and help to reduce the rate of collisions and accidents on the roads. LED fog light bulbs are usually used by trucks, cars and are installed below the headlights of the vehicles.
Some major advantages of LED fog light bulbs are highlighted below:
1.    The light bulbs emit brighter light because they possess the advantage of higher wavelengths over other lights such as HID or Xenon lights and thereby provide better visibility for the driver while driving because it is highly difficult to drive safely without collisions and accidents in the fog.
2.    It saves cost as LED lights consume minimal power energy.
3.    LED fog light bulbs are highly durable.
4.    They last longer than the normal lights and they can still be functioning well even beyond 20 years without getting dim.
5.    They do not overheat. This is because there is no filament in the bulbs and it also converts 80% of electrical energy into light while just 20% is lost as residual heat.
led fog light bulbs6.    There are varieties of shapes and designs and these add elegance and more glamour to the vehicles.
The fog light bulbs are installed below the car headlights for greater visibility and navigation and at the rear for guiding the vehicles coming behind in order to avoid collisions from the rear(although these are elective). There are also varieties of colors such as white, blue and yellow, red, green lights but the white and yellow lights are the most common type and better types because they have better wavelengths and the blue which does not seem to improve the visibility as much as expected.
There are lots of misconceptions about LED fog lights by many people who claim that such lights are meant for only those who travel at night or in the dark whereas for safety purposes. Every vehicle should be enhanced with these light bulbs even bikes are not excluded from using such lights for the safety of the rider.
Make your vehicles stand out from the rest by choosing highly advanced, economic and environment friendly lightings. If you experience numerous snow and fog in your neighborhood then LED fog light bulbs are definitely the better option for you. LED fog lights not only give your vehicles a distinctive and definitive style but they also save you money and time. So, it is high time to opt for the right lights.
LED fog lights are available for all vehicle models and are available for shopping online and www.lightningever.com is your one stop shop for quality at the best price.

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