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Why Use Small LED lights?

Why Use Small LED lights?


small led lightsLight-emitting diodes (LED) are semiconductor light sources. LED lights are used since the early 60s as an extremely practical electronic component. The first models of LED lights produced light with very low intensity. The modern versions have higher quality; they emit light of very high intensity through the visible infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Another big difference between modern and first LED lights is the fact that there are many small LED lights available on the market today. Thanks to modern technology, manufacturers can produce small LED lights and even micro LED lights.
LED lights in general have many advantages over conventional light sources like light bulbs for example. Some of the features that make LED technology the best choice when it comes to light sources, is that they last long, have incredibly low power consumption and most of them have very small dimensions.
small led lightsThe use of LED technology is widespread and it is used in the widest variety of purposes like light source in the automotive and aerospace industries, making neon signs, in the advertising industry (especially in casinos), traffic signs etc.
LED lighting enabled a completely new way of displaying texts in the advertising industry. Their ability to provide high frequency switching is very useful in the communications industry. Infrared LEDs are also used for remote controlled devices in many commercial and widespread consumer goods such as DVD players, TVs, gaming consoles and many other devices.
LED lighting, especially those LED lights which come in small dimensions, is very cost effective and practical source of light. Many LED lights that are made in the 70s are still in use. This is something which is not possible with other artificial light sources. According to some statistics the standard lifespan of LED lights is between 30.000 and 100.000 hours. Things like temperature and quality of power supply can significantly affect their lifespan.
small led lightsThe most common symptom of failure in this type of lighting is a significant reduction of light emitted and the loss of efficiency. The sudden failures and outages of LED lights are very rare. Just like any other light source, the work and lifespan of LED lights depends on the temperature. Most manufacturers claim that the most suitable temperature for LED lights is around 25 C (77 F). LED lights used outside, for example in traffic signs, have low level of intensity and efficiency. Furthermore, this type of lights used outside in unsuitable conditions often break down.
LED lights are made of different inorganic semiconductor materials. LED lights can emit light in different colors like red, orange, infrared, yellow, green, purple, blue, pink and white.
LED lights come in many different dimensions – there are some really small LED lights (less than 2 mm) and they can be easily integrated in circuit boards. It is good to point out that the shape or size of LED lights doesn’t determine their efficiency and this is something typical for fluorescent bulbs and tubes.
Keep in mind that these are only some of the advantages which LED technology brings.

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