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Why the 3057 LED Bulb is the Better Choice

Why the 3057 LED Bulb is the Better Choice


3057 led bulbWith this gas filled plastic wedge,s8 type 3057 LED bulb boasting up to 5,000 hours (rated life: 1,200hrs-5,000hrs) you will not have to worry about seeing or being seen any longer! The 3057 LED bulb boasts a whopping mean spherical candle power of 32/2, dramatically more than your average incandescent bulbs (and they last longer to!).

Obtaining the impressive power of this 12.8 volt illuminator will grant you the confidence and blissful comfort of knowing exactly what is coming your way (Sadly enough, this only applies to the road). With a pair of these installed in your headlamps, you’ll not only be able to see further and clearer, you’ll have the added bonus of dependability! (Did I mention they last longer than incandescent?)

Beyond the satisfaction of knowing that you are now the one falsely accused of leaving your brights on during your night-time commute, the 3057 LED bulb offers many primary uses, virtually illuminating any exterior illumination issues you may have had. Install them in your reverse lamps 3057 led bulband squint no more! The intense 32/2 mscp will seem like a set of headlights placed conveniently where you need them. Install them in your brake lamps and ease your mind of impending rear-endings. Place them in your turn signals and, even in the brightest of days, no one will question your next move. Put them in your side marker, cornering, or tail lights to boost your own visibility, and notice the wider berth given.

Of course, this all amounts to a safer ride, which is why we have lights in the first place, right? Why settle for a low-light, short-lived bulb? You shouldn’t. Not only is it non-cost efficient, inconvenient, and a general pain, in some scenarios, it can be downright dangerous. Don’t you feel your seatbelt should work properly and be made only of the finest materials? Apply the same logic to your lights, when the sun goes down, your lights become your #1 safety device. If you have trouble seeing, chances are that you are having problems being seen, neither of which are a “safe” situation.

This LED bulb is your ticket to a relaxed driving experience, it will eliminate the need to focus on that figure in the distance or worry whether or not you’re seen, instead, you’ll be better prepared for the road ahead, and less worried about those around you. You will be free of unnecessary distraction (due to lack of light), freeing you up to focus on the primary objective, driving safely, with the 3057 LED bulb.

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