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Why Opt For CFL Light Bulbs

Why Opt For CFL Light Bulbs


CFL light bulbs which means Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are a good option for both home and office use. CFL light bulbs have good lighting system and are also economical.
They last longer than the incandescent light bulbs. They are also more efficient as compared to the incandescent light, a 22 watt CFL light bulb lights as the 100 watt incandescent bulb, and they also tend to use less energy and therefore last longer. They can be used as ceiling lights, table lamps, flash lights and can also be used for commercial lighting and many others. They are however costly than the other bulbs but in the long run they tend to be more economical as compared to incandescent bulbs since they last ten times more. This means that if you buy one CFL light bulb today, you will have bought ten incandescent bulbs before replacing it.  The CFL bulbs are said to last for at least ten thousand hours and therefore do not need to be replaced so often.
The fact that it uses less energy also means that they save more kilowatts and therefore can be used to reduce the energy cost by almost half. They tend to save kilowatts because they heat less as compared to the incandescent bulbs.
They give an inviting warm light as compared to the ordinary white light. Opting for CFL light bulbs will help one to avoid certain mistakes when it comes to choosing lighting bulbs. It is important to choose bulbs that do not burn to be too hot. There are ordinary bulbs that can burn up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which can cause third degree burn on human, thus a clear indication of safety hazard.  CFL light bulbs do not burn to be too hot and are therefore advisable to use in the house and also in the office. They heat up but do not get too hot and therefore easy to handle.
cfl light bulbsThese lights are not only used by humans, they are also good for plants. There are people who opt to have an indoor garden so as to avoid things that outdoor gardens are exposed to like pesticides, animal attacks and changing weather.  Since plants need lights, the CFL light bulbs are the best option for providing the required lighting for indoor plants. They also provide light that is similar to sunlight if the garden is in a basement where there are no windows. The amount of kilowatts produced by these lights also help in rapid growth on the plants, they also do not damage plants because they produce minimal heat.
Opting for these lights in the office will help in reducing the budget on office supplies since they will not need to include them in the office supplies every now and then. Most offices opt for products that are cost effective so as to reduce expenses, these bulbs therefore come in handy when it comes to the office lighting budget.
Bulbs are items that are frequently used and it is therefore important to know how to identify good bulbs that will cut down cost and also last long so as to avoid frequent buying of the product and also save some money. CFL light bulbs are the best option when it comes to bulbs. They are not only economical but they are also safe to use.

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