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Why Choose LE LED Panel Lights?

Why Choose LE LED Panel Lights?


LED panel lights are widely used in office lighting, hospital lighting and other indoor lighting. When embedded in the white ceiling, the entire ceiling is very beautiful, clean and harmonious. And LED panel lights energy consumption is small, low heat, light uniform! So what is the structure of the panel lights?

 LED Panel Lights

  1. Frame: frame strength affects durability

The frame is an important part of the panel lights, and the high strength frame makes the panel lights more durable. LED panel light frame using different materials, so the cooling performance is not the same. According to statistics, the current panel light frame material mainly have aluminum, steel, PC, A6063 and other materials.

  1. Diffusion Plate: different material light transmission rate is different

The function of the diffusion plate is make the light guide plate evenly spread out. The main materials used are acrylic, PC, PS and so on. Reportedly, Acrylic transmittance at 92%, PC 88%, PS probably also 80%. Acrylic material light transmission rate is higher than the PC, and the cost is low, its anti-aging performance is weak. The PC material is expensive, but the anti-aging performance.

  1. Power supply: constant current power supply mode is high efficiency

LED lights have two drive power mode, one is constant current power supply, this mode is high efficiency, PF value of up to 0.95, cost-effective; The other is constant pressure with constant current power supply, stable performance, but the efficiency is low, high cost.

45W LED 2*2ft Ceiling Panel Light
LE 45W LED 2*2ft Ceiling Panel Light

LED as a new type of lighting source, which is widely used in a variety of lighting places, LED panel lights as a kind of LED lights, it has a long life, power consumption is small and let the lighting look more high-end atmospheric grade.

Lighting EVER focus on creating the best lighting experience. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with LE.

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