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Why Choose LE 9 LEDs 395nm Ultra Violet LED Flashlight?

Why Choose LE 9 LEDs 395nm Ultra Violet LED Flashlight?


UV LED flashlight is widely application for antique inspection, detecting some bacteria, fabric and textiles, fluorescent agent, forgery Detection, hunting animal blood tracking, ID and document verification, mineral lighting and identification, pet and pest stains, scorpion illumination. If you need, LE 9 LEDs 395nm vltra violet LED flashlight is a good choice.

LE 9 LEDs Ultra Light UV Blacklight Flashlight 395nm 3 AAA Batteries Included
9 LEDs Ultra Light UV Blacklight Flashlight

High Quality Design

The flashlight shell is made with a high quality aluminium alloy, making it stronger, more durable and long lasting.

UV LED Flashlight High Quality Design


9 LED Flashlight emits 395nm UV (Ultra Violet) wavelength. Powered by 3x AAA Batteries(included)

3x AAA Batteries uv led flashlights

Improve Your Life

With the UV flashlight tools, you can test the fluorescent power and other chemical residues, especially those in the baby’s clothes, medicines or cosmetic products.

UV LED Flashlight Improve Your Life

Efficient Inspector

It is essential tool for law enforcement, postal inspections, customs, medical forensics, counterfeit currency, hotel room inspection, scorpions hunting and so on.

UV LED Flashlight Efficient Inspector

Pet Urine Detector

With the UV light you would be able to easily find pet urine and other types of stains in your carpets and furniture, making your cleaning days easier.

uv flashlight pet urine detector

Easy to use

Unscrew the rear cap and remove battery holder. Insert three 3 AAA batteries (INCLUDED) into the holder and slide battery holder into the back of the flashlight.

Quality assurance,CE, ROHS Certification, 12 months warranty.

How The UV Flashlight help you?

By fluorescing dried urine, feces or vomit so it’s visible to the human eye.

Quickly and accurately find the exact spot to remove the urine at every time.

To help you save expensive cleaners.



UV flashlights will not work for Wet urine puddles or potty pads.

Do not shine directly into eyes.

Not a toy, keep the kids away from the UV flashlight.

Not Waterproof, please don’t directly immerse into the water!

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