Why Choose LE 30W Outdoor Multi Color LED Flood Lights For Garden

March 20, 2018 by Sarah Longfellow


LE 30w multi color LED flood lights delivers wonderful vivid light in many different application. Who cares about fidget spinners “relaxing” you but now your hands are occupied. I just turn this light on in my office and let it fade though the colors and it help with my productivity. Very calming. Its not quite 30watts but it still lights up my garden…

30W RGB LED Flood Light Dimmable IP65 Waterproof with Remote Control

Why choose this LED flood lights for garden?

First, Memory function

This floodlight always remembers the brightness and mode last used for added convenience.

Second, 4 Modes

This 30W flood light with remote control and power plug, offers 4 lighting modes including flash, strobe, fade and smooth allowing you choose 4 lighting speeds:

-Flash and Multicolor Strobe mode: both 2 modes provide you flashing light with four light changing speeds, the changing speed of flash mode is faster than the multicolor strobe mode,offering you fantastic lights with different atmosphere.
-Fade and Smooth mode: both of them provide you with color gradient lights, the difference is that the color changes faster under fade mode than that of the smooth mode. You also be able to choose between 4 different lighting speeds.
Flash-16 colors change at quick speed (cycling time options of each color: 4s/8s/12s/16s)
Strobe-16 colors change at slow speed (cycling time options of each color: 16s/32s/48s/64s)
Fade-7 colors gradual change at quick speed (cycling time options of each color: 1.5s/3s/4.5s/6s)
Smooth-7 colors gradual change at quick speed (cycling time options of each color: 8.4s/16.8s/25.2s/33.6s)


Third, 16 Color & Dimmable

With the provided remote control, you can select color and adjust brightness as desired.

Four, Remote Controller

-You can easily change colors, brightness or modes with a press of the button. Please note that the remote controller should be directly facing the light within 19.7-26.2ft.
-If you buy several LE RGB floodlights in different wattages, you are allowed to control them with one remote, and each one comes with a remote so you will end up having a few extra ones as standby.

Five, Waterproof

With IP65 rating, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, including birthday party, night time barbeque, garden lighting, stage lighting etc.

30w led flood lights for outdoor garden

Six, Excellent heat dissipation:

-With qualified aluminum case, the lamp has an excellent heat dissipation performance with longer lifespan.
-By adopting tempered glass, the panel is more durable.

Seven,  Flexible Installation

-With a metal bracket, allows you to install the light flexibly, including ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and ground-mounted.
-The lamp body can be adjusted 150°, flexible to meet your lighting requirements.

Eight, Wide Beam Angle

120° beam angle, provide you with wide illumination range.

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