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Which Place should Install Emergency Lighting

Which Place should Install Emergency Lighting


Emergency lighting should be installed in certain areas of the house, hotels and residential buildings that are quite prone to accidents in absence of sufficient light. These areas include stairs, garden area and steps. Also at some places, markers are sign boards like “Exit” and guidance and handrails should be highlighted via emergency lighting so as to make the accessibility safe and convenient. Special emergency lighting residential products such as number plating, seat address, etc are available to be used in arenas and theatres. Large parking areas and roadside motels also deliberately make use of such lights to assist their customers. The lights are also used in public places like football grounds, schools and malls.
emergency lighting residentialThe emergency lighting products are safe, energy efficient, easy to maintain, high in performance and above all aesthetically pleasing! These lights have high UV resistance, which makes their installation possible both inside and out. Though the lights are dim still they assist the patrons to see where they are going thus helping them to move safely without any worry of missing a step!
The emergency lights uses the highly visible photo-luminescent polymer and non-slip compound bonded with high-grade aluminium strips that give a steady luminous glow in the absence of adequate light. Even in the presence of fully lit or dim lights, the highlighted strips provide a remarkable step edge definition. Thus in all lighting conditions, the emergency lightings guide the people to move safely.
The technology used there, enables these lights to absorb the energy from any available source of light and then glow automatically when the light goes dim. The emergency lighting systems because of their hard wearing power and endurance are supplementing many traditional lighting systems. These lights work for all twenty-four hours of the day without demanding any maintenance and energy consumption cost. The presence of these lights in multi-storied buildings prevents the occurrence of stampede at the time of emergency. Thus the emergency lighting residential system can be specified with confidence in both emergency and non-emergency situations thus allowing thousands of patrons around the world to move safely!

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