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What to Learn from LED Grow Light Reviews

What to Learn from LED Grow Light Reviews


led grow light reviewThe LED grow light review shows that it’s now possible to grow plants right from wheat to strawberries and many others using the LED technology. Currently, this technology is being seen as a more energy-efficient resource to the high wattage HID lights.
The light that is emitted by the LEDs has an extremely specific wavelength and this helps the plants to readily absorb the light. The photosynthesis process for absorption is better and this leads to better and faster maturity of the plants. The plants will flower and have fruits rapidly and at a much higher rate than those plants that are utilizing the HID lights for their photosynthesis needs.
Light requirement for the plants
Different species of plants have their own requirements for the amount of sunlight that is required by them and specifically the color that is required by them the most. Nevertheless, almost all plants require the red, orange and blue in the color band to effectively follow the process of photosynthesis. The problem with HID lights is that these lights emit only 15% of the colors that are required by the plants. In comparison, the LED grow light review has seen that plants are able to absorb all the light emitted from LEDs. About 95% – 99% of the lights emitted by LEDs can be instantly used by the plants for their photosynthesis.
How is LED beneficial in comparison to the HID lights
led grow light reviewCurrently, the growing information for indoor and outdoor plants is given, keeping in view that HID lights are being used. With the LED grow light review, it has been seen that the duration of the growing cycles would need to be altered, nutrient levels and the lighting cycles would need to be altered or changed slightly, in order to get the optimum results that are desired by the grower.
Red band is great for the plants during the flowering season and the blue band is required when the plants need vegetative growth. The white light is also beneficial for the plants; however the ratio to other color bands should be maintained properly. Research shows that plants need a number of light bands for the photosynthesis process and this helps in efficient photosynthesis by the plants. Accordingly, many of the LED reviews gives information on a number of manufacturers that offer 6 band, 11 band and full spectrum LED lights for the optimum growth of the plants.
Understanding the reviews
While looking at the various LED grow light reviews, the grower should look at the color bands that are provided including the white color band that is provided by the particular brand of the LED.
As a suggestion, before purchasing the LED lights, look for the proof of their efficiency and whether they have any buy back guarantee.

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