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What to Consider before Using GU10 LED Dimmable Bulbs

What to Consider before Using GU10 LED Dimmable Bulbs


Many offices, shops, and other commercial establishments are considering the installation of GU10 LED Dimmable bulbs. This is due to the advantages of dimming LED lights.

5W MR16 GU10 LED Spot Light

Dimming GU10 LEDs saves energy, and makes electronic devices run cooler and last longer. Overall, the dimming process increases the rate of productivity.

Then again, while dimming a light bulb, the process should be accomplished correctly. Particular rules should be observed. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

Ensure LED Lights Are Dimmable

While it may be pragmatic to dim LEDs, be aware that not all GU10 LED bulbs are dimmable. This is actually one of the more popular misconceptions that resulted to damaged LED bulbs.

One way to ensure that the light bulbs are dimmable is to check the design for the driver circuitry. It should be fit for dimming. It should also house dimming components in a single place.

Avoid Standard Dimmers

While it seems convenient, using a standard dimmer for GU10 LEDs is not always a good idea. It only meets narrow criteria in the lighting industry. It is not designed to exploit the entire brightness range, and can only present an average result. Since it can be under-loaded sometime during the dimming process, a standard dimmer is not designed for high quality dimming.

Alongside, standard dimmers have drastically short life spans. Minor faults in the dimming process can result to these dimmers’ permanent damage. They are not designed for frequent use. They are reported to exacerbate strobing effects, flashing, stuttering, and flickering, which put users in danger.

A high quality dimmer may cost more than a standard dimmer. However, the investment for a non-standard dimmer is a smart one. It provides better value. It can also grant better control of the dimming process and the lighting system.

The Dimming Method

There are various ways to dim GU10 bulb. It is suggested to choose a dimming method accordingly with regard to a GU10 light. Additionally, opt for one that can provide a sufficient amount of dimming.

While many of these methods can work for most dimmable lights, some have compatibility issues with GU10 lights. Usually, a dimming method’s compatibility with an LED bulbs is available on the manufacturer’s website. If the dimming method is incompatible, it will result to stuttering and flickering, and an overall unsuccessful process. It is either this, or the GU10 LEDs will be damaged.

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Dimming methods:

  • Analogue dimming – only works on single channels; basic and reliable; uses DC signals between the LED driver and the control plate; the light output is altered upon a change in DC signals
  • Mains dimming – original design is for filament lamps; mostly used in small spaces; operates based on voltage-reduction; cuts out portions from alternating current
  • DMX (or Digital Multiplex) – works best for effects illumination and color variations; can provide extravagant lighting effects across many lighting channels; requires special protective cable for protection against electric signals
  • DALI (or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) –  can provide lighting control over multiple lighting circuits; requires 2-core cable connection between the LED driver and dimmer control

Be Extra Careful of GU10 LED Dimmable

Due to their unregulated nature, it is practical to handle all LED bulbs with care. GU10 LED Dimmable bulbs should be handled even more carefully. Since their original design is based on retrofit lamps, support (with regard to dimming compatibility) may be unavailable due to expected obsolescence of the retrofit models.

Alongside, GU10 lights are fragile pieces of equipment. Their 10-mm size makes them good replacements for voltage halogen lamps. As an SELV device (or Safety Extra Low Voltage device), they are known to house transformers.

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