Home Basic Lighting IdeasWhat should be your choice as for fluorescent light bulbs and LED bulbs
What should be your choice as for fluorescent light bulbs and LED bulbs

What should be your choice as for fluorescent light bulbs and LED bulbs


fluorescent light bulbsA lot of people are still pondering about what kind of lightning would be best for their use, and that’s no surprise, since a good chunk of that electrical bill derives from exactly that decision. Fluorescent light bulbs are the today’s choice for a lot of people, since they tend to be somewhat durable and are more or less a considerate cost-effective solution. Fluorescent light bulbs can satisfy your basic lightning needs, but will most likely show less than humble figures on the monthly bills.
This kind of lightning comes in many varieties for you to choose from, for the common needs of your home or business properties. Let’s take the fluorescent tubes as an example; they’re made of long glass tubes accompanied with metal fittings on both sides where the electricity is brought into them and that’s where small amounts of magnesium are located as well as inert gas, together confined in the glassy tubes. Phosphorus powder is also found on the inside of the glass, and when electricity is brought into them it excited the before mentioned magnesium and viola! Light is born.
There’s a lot of different opinion circling around about whether it’s best to get LED or CFL lightning solutions. Well, it depends. It depends highly on your basic needs, different lightning should be used in different settings, for example, LED lightning is thought to be the best for directional fluorescent light bulbslightning, which means they work great for direct lightning needs, e.g., placing them under cabinetry would be great, but are not best used as table lambs. They are also more durable than CFL lightning with just a small but notable price increase. It’s also important to mention that the LED manufacturing costs are going down continually, meaning it’s becoming obvious they’re the better choice with each passing day. Both types of bulbs fit perfectly into standard light sockets without the need of any additional adaptors.
To summarize between these two, LED lightning is great for reading, cooking or maybe drawing up projects on your work table, but fluorescent lightning could work for standard home or business space illuminating needs, which pretty much means a combination of both should be used for different purposes and best results, rather than choosing only one type for your lightning solutions. If saving energy and therefore money is your primary goal, go with LED lights, it’s a no brainer, you’ll buy way less bulbs over extended periods of time, as the LEDs are known to last even up to 50,000 hours, while most different lightning solutions last only up to 10,000.
Let’s talk about environmental impact for a moment; LEDs contain no toxic mercury, which is found in CFL lights, LEDs are also not sensitive to low temperatures or humidity, they turn on instantly, and are very durable when it comes to jarring and bumping!
We’ve already talked about different aspects of different lightning systems, and you can always take the details of both and calculate your needs, estimate expenses and maintenance needs. But what is most obvious, is that people nowadays tend to over think and form complex opinions of what was initially a simple fact-based decision. It’s great we’ve got so many options to choose from, whether you go with the recommended LED solution or the fluorescent light bulbs.

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