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What is the MR16 LED and GU10 LED bulbs?

What is the MR16 LED and GU10 LED bulbs?


The MR16 and GU10 LED bulbs are mainly applied in the home today. Most people prefer to install them on their kitchens and lounges, since the halogen spotlights are not energy-efficient. Both of them are same in appearance, but different under the bonnet.

gu10 led bulbs

The obvious difference is the MR16 bulbs only operate on 12 volts, but GU10 bulb is 240 volts, which is the main power supply for almost devices.

Therefore MR16 bulbs require a power transformer to convert 240 volts to 12 volts, With GU10 bulb, you can simply plug in and it will run well.

Halogen spotlights normally run at 50watts while their LED cousins run at just 5watts. Therefore it is certainly worth replacing them since you can produce massive savings on your electricity bills by doing so.

The first thing is to determine the type of spotlight you have in your home – If you don’t determine which one you have,please click GU10 LED.

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If you have halogen GU10 bulb firstly give yourself 10 seconds to feel smug – the LED bulbs will work perfectly straight out the pack and give you savings of over 90% on your energy bills.

Once you purchase dimmable GU10 bulbs, you don’t need to consider whether you have dimmer switch or not in your home.

Installing LED MR16s is much less straightforward, however it is still a worthwhile process since replacing six halogen 50watt bulbs with six 5watt LED bulbs will result in substantial savings over a very short space of time (they tend to pay back in a little over a year despite being 10 times the price!)

So you need to make sure the type of your MR16 circuit in a transformer, and this will most likely be attached above the roof of the lamps. Nowadays many circuits have transformer, but sometimes each lamp has its own transformers. They often have two varieties; the first one is older magnetic transformer winding, and the second is the newer electronic low-voltage transformer. By the step-down power supply voltage (240 V) to 12 V, this makes light bulbs work.

Now the older magnetic transformers will work perfectly with LED MR16s. The issue is that the electronic low voltage transformers may not. The reason for this is that they need a minimum voltage to pass through them to operate; for example the transformer in my kitchen is 40w – 400w. Historically there were 6 50w halogen bulbs in the circuit – giving a total load of 300w.

Replacing the equivalent 50W halogen lamp with 5W LED bulbs put a load through the transformer 30 watts in total. So, this means that the transformer will not work and may cause your LED flickering. In this case, you need to use a LED driver/transformer circuit that is matched to the total number of watts in operation to replace the existing transformer circuit.

Now, you should know how to choose LED GU10 or MR16 LED bulbs for indoor lighting.

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