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What is 7440 LED Bulb and How to Use

What is 7440 LED Bulb and How to Use


7440 led bulbSeveral new cars like BMW, Audi and Lexus have begun using the modern LED lights for curve lights for its pronounced features that LEDs have piercing and brighter lighting production than filament bulbs, as well as faster responding interval than filament bulbs, thus it will be stress-free to spot these lights from a long distance.
Due to this new development, gradually, people have resolute to upgrade their vehicles with the LED turn indicator lights.
There are 3 common sizes for the LED bulbs:
For Japanese cars like Nissan, Honda, Toyota, the 7443 (double filaments) and 7440 (single filaments) wedge base LED bulbs.
For American vehicles like Dodge, Ford or Cadillac, the 3157 (double filaments) and 3156 (single filament) LED light bulbs.
Lastly, for old Japanese vehicles and most European cars like BMW, Audi, or Mercedes, the 1157 (double filaments) and 1156 (single filament) LED bulbs.
7440 led bulbWhen mounting the LED signal bulbs, a common concern is that the LED bulbs will blaze rapidly vs. the standard turn signal, a related indication when one normal corner light bulb scorched.
This “rapid flash” otherwise known as “hyper flash” problem is triggered when the corner signal light path’s wattage lessen since LED bulbs use a much lower wattage compared to filament bulbs. For illustration, a 7440 filament bulb uses 21W, on the other hand a 7440 LED bulb uses only 0.5W up to 3Wattage maximum.
To unravel the LED bulbs “rapid flash” problem, we can intensify the wattage by accumulating external resistors.
For sole filament bulbs such as 3156, 7440 as well as 1156 LED bulbs, it has one positive wire plus one negative wire; just connect the resistors’ wires to the negative and positive wires for the illumination.
Double filament bulbs such as 3157, 7443 and 1157 bulbs, they have two positive wires plus one negative wire. The user can connect the load resistors to one negative wire as well as positive wires. Peradventure the LED bulb continues to flash, simply alter the resistor wire from both positive wires.
Meanwhile load resistors will produce heat, please ensure to attach the load resistors to the iron as a replacement for the plastic.

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