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What Are The LED Bulbs Dimmable Meant For

What Are The LED Bulbs Dimmable Meant For


led bulbs dimmableLED bulbs dimmable are relatively new in the lighting industry. They are a part of the green technology because they require less energy to work as compared to the traditional bulbs. The traditional LED bulbs although were quite useful but they had one weakness, they were not compatible with the dimmer switches. Although you can use any ordinary LED bulb with most of the dimmable fixtures but a user does not get to control the level of light fully. Hence, the newly developed LED bulbs dimmable offer complete versatility and control to the user.
What is the dimmer technology?
The LED dimmer is capable of turning the LED on and off fast and this phenomenon is not clearly visible to the human eye. You don’t even get to know that the light is dim. With this dimming feature, you can easily make your lights dim and save up to 90 percent cost of energy annually.
Characteristics of dimmable LED bulbs
•    They are less prone to breakage
•    They are small and hence they are capable of adjusting into restricted places
•    They are mercury free
•    They generate quite negligible heat
•    Their life span is not reduced by switching them off and on
•    They are energy efficient
Where are LED dimmable bulbs used?
led bulbs dimmableThese LED bulbs are perfect for homeowners. They can be installed in the kitchen, you can fix one in your study lamp, or install in your garage near the entrance of your house. These lights can last up to a long time even if you are using them continuously.  These lights can let you save a significant amount of money wit

hout letting you give up your luxuries.
Initial cost of installing the dimmable LED bulbs can be high but these lights can keep on running for 50,000 hours. This makes them last for a long time than any other bulbs. You will not have to worry about replacing the bulbs over and over again and your energy bills will also be reduced. With the dim lights, you can create a dramatic lighting effect while having dinner. During the night time, you can dim the outdoor lights too for saving energy and increasing the life span. This is going to significantly reduce your energy cost.
Choosing the right bulbs
While buying dimmable LED bulbs, it is recommended to compare the level of brightness beforehand. Homeowners are usually accustomed to buying bulbs by looking at wattages. This is not how you buy LED bulbs; you have to measure the level of output in lumens.
A standard LED bulb can be hard to the eyes as compared to the LED bulbs dimmable. The dimmable bulbs would cause less strain to the eyes because you can change the level of light output according to your need. These lights flicker less as compared to the standard ones. So, these lights will be enjoyable for the homeowners as they come with additional benefits. They are available in versatile designs and models to fit any house extremely well.

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