February 5, 2015 by Sarah Longfellow


residential street lightsNowadays, some of the major cities all over the world have decided on installing LED lights on their streets. These types of residential street lights are cost effective and make our street considerably safer. This is because they produce a much brighter light, making it possible for those walking and driving along the streets in the dark having clearer visuals of where they are headed. However, it is important to note that residential street lights do not function as the ones you have in the home or at workplace. These LED lightings used on streets are made of a lot of tiny LEDs, as compared to the ones used in your home or workplace that come with either one or two in them. For this reason, they produce a much greater light that can illuminate a large area of land.
Asides emitting far much brighter light, what other benefits are attached to the installation of LED lighting on our streets? Here are some reasons why many of the countries around the world have chosen to replace the lightings they have on their streets with LED lighting.
1.    It is a known fact that LED lightings produce much brighter lighting as compared to the traditional lighting method. These types of lighting produce a much better and uniformed light making visibility on our streets when walking or driving especially at night much clearer. Besides the streets, other areas such as parking lots also enjoy the benefits of installing these types of lights.
residential street lights2.    Once LED lights are immediately turned on, they do not waste time to start producing a high level of light. This is a different case entirely when using traditional types of street lighting, as it takes few minutes for the filaments to produce the required level of lighting needed to make the streets brighter and clearer for motorists and pedestrians at night.
3.    All LED street lighting produces equal level of brightness and uses a lesser amount of energy in emitting the same level of lights as compared to other forms of street lighting. For this reason, the light they emit helps illuminate every area on the streets
4.    Light emitting diodes are considered to be environmentally friendly as they are not made of hazardous materials such as lead and mercury. They are also known to make our streets look more beautiful and captivating. Disposing the type of light does not require special handling unlike the conventional lighting methods which contain chemicals that are harmful to health when disposed improperly. With LED lightings installed on streets, there is no cause for alarm as our safety is guaranteed.
The major aim of installing residential street lights is to guarantee the safety of both the pedestrians and drivers when walking or driving along the streets in the dark. Due to its energy efficiency, LED lightings are known to produce a more focused lighting and make vision at night clearer. Most cars on our roads today have headlights that are not so bright and this is where street lights come in handy, as they help the drivers illuminate adjoining areas and reduce the occurrence of possible hazards. To make our environments safer and friendlier for pedestrians and drivers, installing street light is of great importance.

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