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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Led Lighting?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Led Lighting?


Now more and more variety of types of lights, so that people confused when choosing lights, I do not know what kind of lighting for their own house, as well as what kind of lighting quality was relatively good. Today, we tell you about the led lighting, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of led lighting.

Advantages and disadvantages of led lighting

1.The advantages:

(1) Energy saving. white LED power consumption is only 1/10, 1/4 of energy saving lamp incandescent.

(2) Long life of 50,000 hours,which is 50 times more than traditional incandescent light.

(3) Can work at high speed. Energy-saving lights or if you frequently start off the filament will be black soon broken.

(4) Solid package. this is cold-light source type so that can very convenient transportation and installation and can be installed in any micro-and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, basically do not need to consider the heat.

(5) Environmental protection. no mercury harmful substances. LED light assembly parts can be very easy disassembly, recycling manufacturers can not be recovered by others.

(6) Universal standard bases, can directly replace existing halogen, incandescent, fluorescent.

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2.The disadvantages:

(1) LED lights weight. The weight of LED lights on the cap is a relatively big test, because before the energy-saving lights no heat sink, so the relatively light weight, energy-saving light weight for the cap to minimal impact. while the LED light is different, it has thermal the problem, therefore have to consider the impact of the cap weight. currently LED lighting need to consider the heat and the weight of the heat sink material issue,it is a dilemma decision, the only thing is to find their balance. So when we buy led lights, weight can also be seen as an optional standard.

(2) Led lights price. under the same brightness cases, led lighting 3-4 times higher than the price of energy-saving lamps.

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  1. I need a low voltage high britnsess led lamp to project on the back of a vehicle every time the brake is on.it would need a sensor, for the vehicles brake lights, to trigger it on, and a solar cel and battery charger.it would be universal in use. thank you—–. mk —5168226915.

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