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Wet bulb temperature  What is it

Wet bulb temperature What is it


wet bulb temperatureHVAC technicians are known to make use of a term very commonly called “Wet bulb temperature” while checking out cooling operation with ‘sling psychrometer’. Result indicated is about air temperature that is measured by making use of mercury in-glass thermometer of standard type, with thermometer bulb being wrapped typically in muslin or gauze type of material, having air passing across its surface. Covering is then kept wet at the time of testing. Water that evaporates from thermometer is said to have some kind of cooling effect (known as Wet Bulb Depression). Therefore, the temperature that is displayed is considered to be much less than what is shown on the Dry Bulb Thermometer utilized when performing similar test. On comparing with Dry Bulb temperature, difference that prevails, tends to indicate the technician, approximate relative humidity availed of occupied space against known scale, including the system operating conditions at the time of cooling. It can be stated that wet bulb temperature is quite dependent upon moisture content that is present in air.
Other factors to understand
wet bulb temperatureWhat exactly takes place in this type measurement is that evaporation of water begins from the thermometer’s bulb. This water evaporation is stated to cause the thermometer bulb to have a cooling effect and temperature to be measured through thermometer drops. In case, there is easy evaporation, like with dry air, then drop in temperature is witnessed. But, in case, there is prevailing high humidity condition, then temperature that is measured on the wetted thermometer bulb might drop slightly or simply not at all, due to the fact that there is presence a plenty of moisture within the air. As this type equals dry bulb temperature, then air gets completely saturated with water, leaving no more chance for any additional evaporation to take place.
This term is called 100% saturation. It is slated to be a condition, which is met at evaporator surface as air gets cooled to saturation temperature, beginning to quickly change its state and gives heat up to get refrigerant and for condensing moisture to get drained away at the time of cooling. Air that leaves from here is cooled and then is transferred to conditioned space during summer time.
Damp and wet location lighting
Technology has made it possible for people across to avail the latest products that are not only energy saving, but also allows them to have bright lighting without damaging the environment and also is a money saver. It is possible for anyone to shop for wet or damp location rated lighting sets for their home, office, factory, commercial complex or just about anywhere. LED lights are considered to be an ideal lighting solution in today’s age and are fast gaining popularity over the conventional lighting system. Understanding about wet bulb temperature and how LED lighting uses this technology, can really help both domestic and commercial consumers to benefit from it immensely. Being reliable and efficient, LED lights are finding itself in huge demand in the market. Manufacturers have been trying to come up LED lights that use work lighting technology for performing much better, and to last longer.

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