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Welcome to the place with the best LED grow lights for sale

Welcome to the place with the best LED grow lights for sale


led grow lights for saleAre you searching for the best LED grow lights for sale? If so, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got the Best and cheap LED Grow Lights for sale. To purchase a set of LED grow lights for weed, contact us at www.lightingever.com or visit our blog at www.lightingever.com/blog.
When one grows plants indoors there are several factors to consider apart from nutrition and watering. These are light and CO2 levels as well as heat control.
Light intensity and light spectral quality are both important for healthy growth during the vegetative and flowering stages. Some growers use lamps that output only 2000 lumens per square foot. This is inadequate because it will result in longer stem length and smaller leaf size. The best figure is a minimum of 3000 lumens with 5000 being optimal when combined with the right amount of CO2 in the air. HID, Mercury vapor and high pressure sodium vapor lamps give off high amounts of light and heat. Fluorescent strip lighting gives off less intensity but light spread is more even with lower heat production. What happens with the use of these two sources of lighting is that when more heat is produced growers will use blowers or ventilation and this affects levels of carbon dioxide. Even if the lumen quantity is sufficient, lesser amount of carbon dioxide and more heat affect plant growth and maturity. The ideal workaround is a 900 watt LED grow light for sale optimized for color rendition and lumen output as also heat control.
led grow lights for saleThese modern LED panels have 300 3watt LEDs arranged in a matrix with top air flow units that blow the heat away from plants and thus ensure the right amount of carbon dioxide to promote growth. The panel can also be positioned close to the plants. A 900 watt array produces light equivalent to standard lamps that consume 1400 watts while consuming only 600 watts energy. The size is about 30 inches length and 15 inches width which means one such panel can distribute sufficient amount of lumens per square foot in a 36 inches x 24 inches plant area.
These panels are expensive but far more effective and affordable when the growers take these factors into consideration:
Improvement in quality and quantity of produce due to optimized light
The right mix of spectrum in the blue-green and red-orange colors, similar to Sunlight that helps plants grow right and mature quickly, yielding better flowers and fruits
Low power consumption, low heat generation, reduced need for watering and cooling
Longer life of 100000 hours compared to 10000 hours for filament lamps
The nearest is high pressure sodium vapor lamp. A typical lamp consumes 400 watts and gives out 45000 lumens and also high amount of heat. It has shorter lifespan compared to LED and the light spectrum tends to be yellowish-orange. LED lights chosen for hydroponics or plant growth have full spectrum with equal intensity in blue-green and red-orange ranges that contributes to better vegetative growth and flowering in a shorter time. HPSV lamps have a short life. LEDs far outperform HPSV and prove to be the most cost effective from any perspective. So therefore at Lightingever.com we provide you with good led grow lights for sale.

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  1. Is there a reason that purple LEDs are being used in those two pictures? I’ve never seen a grow operation that uses purple lighting before.

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