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Vintage Light Bulbs and Led Light Bulbs

Vintage Light Bulbs and Led Light Bulbs


vintage light bulbsFinding original vintage light bulbs is becoming a difficult task, as various workshops and factories are being bulldozed to give way for structuring modern world. Old, but the warmth and vibrant calming light cannot be totally replaced with modern bulbs. Actually, the more battered and distressed the bulbs are the more they are loved. The old fashioned bulbs, which resemble those produced by Thomas Edison, are gorgeous, and they create a beautiful ambiance.
Vintage light bulbs are versatile, and they can be used in addition with a lamp shade. Whether you use it with shade or not, vintage bulbs look stunning on their own. They are perfect as main light in room, and they can be decorated however.
Unlike most bulbs, vintage light bulbs don’t blind you, so you can stare at them without affecting your visual.
One major shortcoming in vintage light bulbs is that they mainly fit E27 receptacle, which implies that you need an adapter in order to install them. Nevertheless, they are ideal for home and they light a large room a nicely dim glow. They fit a great number of lamps.
Led Light bulbs
Led light bulbs are widely used as a single bulb application in lighting pens, remotes, electronic items, and so on. Their applications are getting expanded day by day and the day is not far away when they become an inseparable part of everyday consumer electronics and would be used in a bunch without much thought required.
Traditional bulbs have a housing of glass to avoid oxygen around the flammable tungsten filament but led light bulbs have a housing of plastic that makes them easier to maintain and much more efficient. As Led light bulbs are energy saving bulbs, they consume less electricity which results in higher cost savings. Also. As they generate less heat, they never get that hot and are far cooler.
vintage light bulbsLed light bulbs are used in applications indoors or outdoors and are vastly used in Modern Electronic Items, Traffic Lights, and Digital Clocks etc. They are also used in commercial and industrial works where maintenance and replacement cost are more important factors than operative cost. But, although led lights are replacing the other lighting technologies by leaps and bounds and revolutionizing the way the world uses lighting systems, they are still expensive and this factor cannot be avoided.
Led light bulbs have a longer rated life than fluorescent and Incandescent bulbs. They last around 130 times longer than Incandescent bulbs and 10 times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs. Also as they are made up of plastic, they do not get damaged as easily as Incandescent bulbs. Due to the plastic surface, they sustain grating and bumping.
6 volt Led Light Bulbs for Vintage Cars
6 volt led light Bulbs are much brighter than incandescent bulbs and are used in Automobiles like cars, trucks etc. They have an easier charging system and are polarity sensitive.
12 Volt Led Light Bulbs
These led light bulbs are high energy saving, energy efficient and are small in size. They offer a brighter light than any incandescent bulb and have a low replacement and maintenance cost. They can be installed in any household lighting fixture due to their compact size.


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