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Using LED strips to enhance your holidays

Using LED strips to enhance your holidays


Holiday preparation brings to one’s mind images of get-togethers, good food and much-needed themed decorations. The idea of having decorations flexible enough to use for any occasion has quite the appeal. So is there really something out there that can be used year-round? The answer is yes and it comes in the form of LED strip lights. These lights are a step above your usual Christmas and fairy lights, providing a cleaner and more sophisticated look. It’s easy to look to these to provide nice mood lighting no matter what holiday happens to roll in.

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When buying LED strips for the holidays it’s best to choose RBG LED strip as these prove a large range of colors. Events always call for flashy decorations and bland white just won’t cut it. Set your lights to blue hues and Daylight White for winter occasions and hot reds for the summer. On Christmas days, you can even create peppermint patterns with red and white colors.

Most of the time, our holiday decorations are kept outdoors to be admired by guests and the like. If you ever plan on lining up light strips along fences or other areas outside, be sure to check for the IP rating of your lights. This will dictate the resistivity of the LED light strips and whether your lights are safe to keep outdoors. A common threat to sensitive and cheap lights is dust and debris, which the ideal strips should have a rating that allows it to work in the presence of dust and other external forces. The first digit of your light’s IP rating tells you how protected it is against contact with solid objects. Zero means that the lights should not be touched and are easily broken by contact force. Even indoors this kind of light must be handled with caution and should not even be used outside your home. However, if the first digit of the IP rating is 6, then you may use it outside without any worry. It is dust tight and protected against solid objects greater than 1 millimeter in diameter.

Did you know that you can also add some color to your swimming pools with LED lights? The second digit of the IP rating tells of how water-resistant the LED lights are. Zero, being the lowest, means that the LED light should under no circumstances come into contact with water due to being non-water resistant. 8 is the highest rating, and it means that the strip can actually be submerged fully in water without a problem. If you were to decorate your swimming pool with LED strips, look for an 8 in the second digit of the IP rating.

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Generally, you should take extra precaution in using your lights outdoors, as weather can heavily damage cheaper electrical equipment. It may even damage more expensive appliances if you don’t follow the care instructions of your lights. Holiday decorating will entail you using these lights outdoors and while they do make a pleasing sight, you must always take good care to use them properly. Check for signs of tear or abrasions on the strip to make sure it doesn’t create sparks of electricity. Also be sure to mount your power supply correctly as these may not have the same resistivity level of the strip light LEDs themselves. While LED lights are known to produce less heat, overexposure to sunlight may damage components and lead to overheating when the lights are connected to their power source.

Compared to indoor decorating, outdoor decorating with your lights is great for the holidays but requires more responsibility. There are many possible ways to prep for holidays and celebrations using these lights so long as they are used properly.

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