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Usage Of LED 194 bulbs

Usage Of LED 194 bulbs


The LED bulbs are the new application which applies to the modern technology. This helps us to have better approach to the “saving energy concept”. This concept enrolled shift new era of light bulbs. LED 194 bulbs are one kind of LED bulbs which is used in many occasions.
Normally it’s small, height between 20- 30 mm and basement diameter with 5- 9 mm. It weights 2g. It has many shapes, normally like small poll. Colors are mainly coolwhite (7000k), warm white (4000k), ultra blue, amber yellow and pure red. This LED 194 bulb contains with 5 – 20 SMD LEDs.  Many LED 194 bulbs contain this type of LEDs. LED 194 works with the 12V current.
LED 194 bulbs are commonly used on vehicles like Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Scooter, Trailer, Recreational vehicle, Boat, Marine, etc. In all vehicles these are commonly used for interior lighting. When we talk about the car mostly LED 194 bulbs are used for dome lights. Commonly they use cool white and amber yellow for this.  It helps to provide bright illumination to passengers to fasten led 194 bulbsseatbelts and enter or exit the car. And also the bottom edge of the dashboard, which illuminates the floor for front passengers, or underneath the front seats at the rear, to illuminate the floor for rear seat passengers. Sometimes it’s used to illuminate the door handles or electric window switches. LED 194 bulbs appear increasingly as interior convenience lights in various locations in the vehicles, especially with finely focused lighting on console control surfaces and in the cabin. Map lights are aimed at specific passenger positions. Many vehicles have lights in the trunk. Pickup trucks usually have one or more white cargo LED lights which illuminate the bed of the truck. In Recreational vehicle (RV) theses bulbs are used in many more places.  Apart from the interior lighting these LED 194 bulbs are used as parking lights, turn signal lights, corner light, side marker light, tail light,  backup lights and so on.  Not only the vehicle they are also used as household interior lighting.
Why do people always choose LED bulbs more frequently than tungsten bulbs? Because they are helpful in many ways. The main advantage is they have 5000+ life time. Simply they are long lasting. We talk about the vehicles earlier, the lights which are used on vehicle burn out quickly; therefore we have to replace them. That’s the worst case.  LED bulbs help deal with that problem also. Mostly they are ENEGY SAVERS, which helps more when talking about the vehicles. When we switch on the LED bulbs it doesn’t burn wires or melt the lamp covers. Some vehicles have that issue also when you replace burn out bulbs. Because of the low energy requirement of LED 194 bulbs they can run by using solar current. This era finds new energy sources, and solar power is one of them. Vehicles are also now using them and this might be profitable to them.

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