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Update Your Lighting with LE Latest Products

Update Your Lighting with LE Latest Products


Recently, LE brings a variety of newest LED lights include automotive interior strip lights, LED desk lamps/table lamps, LED flood lights, portable work lights, smart lights and pendant lights. Let’s take a brief view of our latest products.

Automotive Interior Strip Lights

automotive interior strip lights

Our new automotive interior strip lights are available in 8.66ft and 12.6ft. They are ideal for automotive interior mood lighting, adding romantic atmosphere to your car, truck, SUV, etc.

LED Desk lamps/table lamps

led desk lamps

These newest desk lamps include normal LED desk lamp for reading, fabric shade table lamp for decoration and even portable makeup mirror light for dresser. You can just select the one you want according to your lighting needs.

LED Flood Lights

led flood lights

The newest LED flood lights are the update versions of our discontinued 10-50W series (SKU 3400026-28-DW/WW).

Portable LED Work Lights

led work lights

The main feature of our new LED work lights is handy. They are perfect for camping, working, searching, dog walking, hiking, travelling, or other outdoor activities, and emergency lighting, you can take them anywhere you need a handy light.

LED Smart Lighting

led smart lighting

With our newly LED smart lighting products (smart led bulbs and smart led downlights/recessed lights), you can control your lighting directly with your phone or the remote control (have to purchase separately) as you like. They are easy to use and no additional accessories are needed.

Pendant Lights

pendant lights

These pendant lights are available in wooden & iron, glass & iron and iron materials. No matter you are looking for a vintage or modern style pendant light, you may find one with our newest pendant lights!

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