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Types of Residential Exterior Light Fixtures

Types of Residential Exterior Light Fixtures


residential exterior light fixturesResidential exterior light fixtures are no longer ordinary bulbs meant to cast sufficient light for illuminating small areas. People are quite conscious about outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, backyards etc. and residential exterior light fixtures are the best way to boost both curb appeal and aesthetic value.
LED is one of the most practical and commonly used light sources these days. These fixtures are designed to withstand harsh weather and cast focused lighting. For better protection against shock, the inner wirings and circuit are tightly encased so there are no dangling elements. Here are some popular residential exterior lighting fixtures:
Solar Powered Lights
Traditional lighting systems give off large quantities of heat, which impacts the environment by contributing to global warming.  LED fixtures use photovoltaic cells (absorbs solar power) to generate light energy. Sensors embedded in them are activated the moment daylight recedes so the light is turned on automatically. Similarly, when the darkness fades away, they are turned off without manual operation. Solar powered lights are cost-effective, eco-friendly and energy-efficient.
residential exterior light fixturesSafety Reasons
Not everyone can afford expensive and state-of-the-art security alarms for their home. Outdoor lighting is one of the most lucrative ways to illuminate the front and back portions of your home as a security feature. An LED light consumes less power and directs light towards a certain area, making it all the more convenient. Illuminating the outside area of your home with bright lights will discourage anyone with wrong intentions.
Motion Detector Lights
If you are willing to splurge slightly more, you can set up LED lights by connecting them to motion sensors, so you get an immediate warning if there are burglars lurking around. The concept is quite simple – if any movement is detected around your home, these outdoor lights are instantly turned on, thereby exposing the intruder! These fixtures use less power and have excellent longevity.
Decorative Purposes
This is your chance to get creative! LED lights are usually quite small in size, so you can use them in several ways to light up different parts of your home. For instance, you can use string lights to illuminate fences or walkways. Pool side areas look amazing if you hook up multi-colored LED fixtures around them. The garden and patio has a lot of potential when it comes to decoration – if you have a casual get-together of friends or a family barbeque, make sure you accentuate the beauty of the surroundings with various formations of LED fixtures.
Residential exterior light fixtures can transform the outdoors from plain to exciting in minutes – try it and you will definitely notice the difference!

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