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Transform Landscaping with Light

Transform Landscaping with Light


For many people the daylight pleasures of the yard cannot be enjoyed except for during the weekends or for a short period before or after work. No matter what beautiful landscape they may have invested in, it is often wasted as men and women leave their homes throughout the day. On the other hand there are others who can and do take advantage their yards during the day, but do not get the full enjoyment of their yard at night. The solution to either of these situations is accomplished easily with residential landscape lighting and design. Lighting up the darker hours is a wonderful way to get the greatest and fullest experience possible from anyone’s yard. Residential landscape lighting and design can be used to transform the night time yard into an ethereal world or a haven for social activities.residential landscape lighting and design

There are numerous techniques which have been utilized in order to create a radiant and comfortable outdoor environment. Gardens bring color and life into a yard while water fountains or streams bring their peaceful music. Countless other creative designs have been seen as well; such as wine bottles hanging from trees, decorative benches, tier landscaping, and many other imaginative ideas. Strategically placed lighting can be used to illuminate and amplify all of the other features of a yard during the night. Just as there is a significant amount of thought and planning put into a garden or any other part of the yard, there is just as much design and intention set into the lighting of a landscape.

Lanterns add an antique feel to any yard while still providing an elegant lighting. There are many
different lighting possibilities to choose from, but a lot of the design is about placement. Lighting up
entrances and archways, pathways, statues, and other important landscaping points is a great way to open up a backyard during the darker hours. Light placed in the depths of fountains or pools, or
directed high up into the limbs of trees, adds an air of radiance and enchantment.residential landscape lighting and design

LED lighting is a wonderful way to bring a new-age sense into a backyard. Although common in art
work, “Chiaroscuro” is frequently implemented in landscaping as well. “Chiaroscuro” is of Italian
origin and literally means light-dark. In outdoor landscape and design it is a technique which is used in lighting to exhibit the contrast and relationship between shadows and light. This method is also used to illuminate a yard and provide safety and clarity when it is hardest to see.

A yard without residential landscape lighting and design can only be enjoyed to a partial extent,
without meriting the full beauty of a yard at any time, day or night. Employing lighting fixtures is
especially key to anyone who doesn’t get to enjoy their landscaping during the daylight hours. A little
thought and well-placed lighting can be uniquely transforming to any yard.

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