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Tips on Selecting LED Ceiling Fans

Tips on Selecting LED Ceiling Fans


LED ceiling fans have become more and more popular due to their versatile functions and unique appearances. LED ceiling fans can not only be used for lighting and cooling down the room, it also places the role of ornament for the room. What should we take into consideration when choosing LED ceiling fans? Here are some tips that might be helpful for you.

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1. Practicality of the functions
Whether to pick up a ceiling fan with lights or how many lights it should be included, this is depended on your actual lighting need. However, ceiling fans with light are more beautiful than those without lights. As for the speed control function, the common choice is to select those with bead chains. You can install a remote controller or wall switch if it is not convenient to adjust the speed with the bead chain. Some of the remote controllers even have the timer function, which is very suitable for use at night.

2. Type of the Electric Motor
The common electric motor for LED ceiling fans is capacitive motor. This type of electric motor has a larger starting torque and more energy saving than other types of motors.

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3. Control method
The current speed control methods include 5-levels keyboard/5-levels toggle control, stepless electronic control, remote control and so on. You can choice the control method according to your preference and the environment.

4. Power consumption
Power consumption is one of the most important factors that people concerns about. In general, you can find the power consumption on the nameplate of the ceiling fan.

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5. Actual performance
To decide if how it performs in the actual use, you can follow the steps to check it yourself: Firstly, turn around the fan heads, and listen carefully to find if the sound is gentle and uniform or not. Secondly, connect the wire on the fan to the power source, turn it to the lowest speed and then power on to find whether it works. Thirdly, turn it to the high level speed to observe if there are noises or not. Finally, turn it to other levels to check if the speed control functions well or not. If the fan is equipped with electronic governor, you should take longer time to observe its heat dissipation, vibration and so on.

6. The style of the ceiling fan
The color and the style of the ceiling fan can be selected according to the room style and your preference. A gorgeous and elegant LED ceiling fan lights is the common option for a living room; a smart and lonely fan for children’s bedroom and a fan that has a rich sense of color for lady’s room, etc.

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