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Tips on Home Lighting

Tips on Home Lighting


When it comes to home interior decoration, one of the most vital elements is undoubtedly the residential lighting. Residential lighting is used to illuminate different areas of home. However, different lighting would be needed for different areas since they do have their own functions. Let’s take a brief look at some tips on home lighting.



living room lighting
Living room: the lighting for the living room should be adequate. Hence, it is important to select the correct lighting fixtures for the living room. Circular chandelier or ceiling lights are the best choice. The color of the lighting fixtures should be bright and can be scattered evenly in the living room. Some living rooms are lack of sunlight and it will be very depressed when staying in there for a long time. In this case, it is better to install daylight white lights in the ceiling sides to provide more lights for the room. What’s more, the light is refracted from the ceiling, which is soft and not dazzling.



bedroom lighting
Bedroom: bedroom is the place where people can relax themselves. So the light color must be soft and will not make people feel dazzling, which can help people to sleep.



kitchen lighting
Kitchen: the light color for the kitchen should be cool white light, because the kitchen is for cooking. The cool white light can help to keep the balance with the hot fire in the kitchen.



bathroom lighting
Bathroom: the light color for the bathroom should be soft warm light; it will make people feel more comfortable when taking a shower.



study room lighting
Study Room: daylight white lamps are the best choice for the study room since the daylight white will make people feel excited and will be helpful to improve work efficiency.



dining room lighting
Dining Room: the dining room is the place for dinner; the bright warm light is the most appropriate choice.


hallway lighting
Hallway: the light color for the hallway should be particularly bright, because the hallway is the entrance of the house and it’s important to keep the light bright. It’s OK to choose spotlights, down lights or ceiling lights for the hallway lighting as long as you can keep enough light.

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  1. That’s a good point to use ceiling lights in the living room. You want it well illuminated after all. My wife and I just bought a new house, so we’ll have to see if we need new light fixtures in the living room.

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