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Tips For Better Residential Garage Lighting

Tips For Better Residential Garage Lighting


In today’s modern world, garages have become an important extension to our living space. As the lighting industry rapidly expands, the demand for residential garage lighting and floor coverings has created a wide range of new amenities.

residential garage lightingLighting design and layout is very important and depends on what you use your garage for. Overhead fixtures that utilized incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes used to be a thing of the past. Today, the option for lighting has expanded for lighting work and storage areas and varies depending on how you utilize the given area.

There are many ways to illuminate your work areas within your garage without giving up to much space. If your garage is only used to house your cars and occasionally store used items then lighting from incandescent bulbs is more than sufficient. These type of bulbs turn on immediately and use very little energy.

However, if you utilize the garage full time as a workshop  then it is highly recommended you use a high quality fluorescent bulb. Fluorescent bulbs save energy and can last twice as long as standard bulbs. Fixtures with tubular construction also known as T8 bulbs work best for clarity and energy efficiency. Not only are they less expensive and easier to handle but they last longer and save more energy.

All residential garage lighting should contain three important types of fixtures. Your lighting plan should begin with the general illumination of the garage. This is considered general lighting. These types of fixtures can be mounted to the rafters and should be controlled by a motion sensor switch. General lighting usually consists of fluorescent fixtures that can be surface mounted or recessed.

If you use your garage as a workshop and you use a workbench for most projects then it is important that you look into task lighting options. When using power tools, extra lighting is needed for safety precautions. Task lighting should be installed on a separate circuit from your general illumination lighting. Task lighting and general lighting switches should be controlled by its own switches.

residential garage lightingWhen it comes to personal safety and security it is important that every household has an outdoor lighting system. Outdoor lights should be installed on a motion sensor and help illuminate the driveway and other remote places that intruders might lie and wait for entry. An alternative to motion sensor switches is photoelectric eye controls. This type of lighting comes on as dusk and remains on until dawn. Photoelectric eye control is better if you live in a high crime area.

When it comes to selecting the type of residential garage lighting available, as mentioned above you can choose between surface mounted or recessed. Incandescent, LED and HID’s (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs work best depending on a few factors. Make sure you look into energy efficiency, cost efficiency, as well surface coverage. Each category of lighting provides a different type of intensity that will help suit your needs. Make sure to consult with the company you purchase your lighting from to see if you made the right choice on size and illumination.

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