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Tips for Bathroom Lights Maintenance

Tips for Bathroom Lights Maintenance


When it comes to bathroom products, most of us should concern more about bathroom cabinets, shower and other products. In fact, the bathroom lighting fixture is also a great deal to us. Here are some of our tips for bathroom lights purchase and maintenance, which may be helpful for your understanding of the bathroom lights.


daylight white lights

Part1: Bathroom Lights Purchase

The first thing we should know before purchase bathroom lights is the different between bathroom lights and common lights. With a better understanding of the different, it will be easier for us to select the right lights.
1. The difference between bathroom lamps and common lamps
Due to the limitation of the bathroom space, the lights that we select should neither be too large nor too cumbersome. On the other hand, the lights should also be waterproof.
2. The special requirements for bathroom lights
Different people have different requirements for bathroom lighting. There are two choices for us: daylight white lights and warm white lights. If you are going to make up in the bathroom, you can choose the bright daylight white lights. While you just want to have a comfortable rest when bathing, then the warm whit light is the best choice for you.
3. The Waterproof Index
For the professional point of view, waterproof index is also known as IP. IP (Ingress Protection) protection rating system is drafted by IEC, which rating the lamps into different grads according to their dust-proof, waterproof and moisture-resistant performances. To fully taking into account the waterproof index of the lamp is conducive to our safety when using the lamp.

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Part2: Bathroom Lights Maintenance

1. Please don’t change the structure and the components of the lamp when cleaning the fixture. The lamp should be installed as it is after the cleaning and maintenance.
2. Use the dry cleaning cloth when clearing the lamp so as to prevent moisture intrudes into the lamp. Otherwise the lamp might be rusting, damage or shorted out.
3. The lamp that installed in the toilet/bathroom must be equipped with moisture-proof cover; otherwise it will greatly influence the lifespan of the lamp.
4. In addition, please do not hanging other items on the light or use it to dry the clothes.

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