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These Factors Should Be Considered When Use Led Lights For Office Lighting

These Factors Should Be Considered When Use Led Lights For Office Lighting


LED lights is a high brightness, no pollution, no radiation, environmental protection and energy saving green lamps. With the economic development and energy-saving lighting technology promotion, Led lights is gradually being widely used in office lighting environment.

45W LED Ceiling Panel Light
45W LED Ceiling Panel Light

Lighting technology want to develop better, efficient energy saving is inevitable. To achieve energy efficient, use light source should choose energy-saving light source, According to the size of the light source to design and improve the utilization and decorative effect. Towards the development of multi-functional and miniaturization.

With the development of LED industry, as the LED lights have green, fine structure, humanized design and used widely, so LED lights get office lighting’s attention.

There are some factors should be considered when LED design.

  1. Try to use thinner thermal glue. It is best to use a thermal adhesive that comes with a sticky adhesive. This will not affect the thermal conductivity.
  2. In the market, many LED lights choose smooth surface plus matte diffusion plate. But this type of diffusion plate static is relatively large, easy to absorb dust. In addition, when LED lights used for a long time, dust will enter the lamp body through a variety of different ways and cause led lights more damage. While the two-sided diffusion plate light guide effect more better, static and more petite, it can avoid dust into the lamp body. But its light transmittance is only 85-88%, so we should buy it according to the actual.
  3. Choose more efficient lamps. Due to side light flat panel lights heat dissipation and luminous flux output are limited. But the power is too large will cause heat dissipation impact, light efficiency will be relatively low.
  4. When sticky reflective paper should try not to glue. Glue will absorb light, easy to produce bright edges. A large light guide plate only need stick a little, otherwise it is prone to shadow.


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