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The Sylvania Bulb Guide  Your Guide for LED Strip Buying

The Sylvania Bulb Guide Your Guide for LED Strip Buying


sylvania bulb guideLed strip lights are becoming popular day by day in the market. They are very flexible and easy to handle. However, to pick up the suitable led strip for your specific need, you need to follow some important steps. The Sylvania bulb guide says choosing such light is a crucial job and must be done with care. You also need certain things to keep in consideration. Mainly such led lights come in two distinct categories. So, you must select them according to your need and purpose. The Sylvania bulb guide teaches you all the important facts that you need to know about these led strips.
Things to keep in mind
Before buying led lights you must look for-
•    The type of led chip used in the strip
•    Number of chips in per meter
•    Color of the lights
•    Whether the strips are waterproof
Types of led strips
There are generally two types of led strips. You need to know the characteristics of each one of the led strips before buying. This will help you determine to buy the proper strip for your need.
3528’s- you may get confused by looking at the number. However the number 3528 simply means sylvania bulb guidethat the measurements of the led strip are 3.5mm*2.8mm. This type of led strips is less popular as they give less bright light. If you want to create a shooting ambience then you must have this type of led strips.
5050’s- this size determines that the dimension of the strips is 5mm*5mm. This type of led strips gives brighter light and thus is perfect for creating a gala mood. You can decorate your doorway with this type of light in the upcoming Christmas and New Year.
Number of chips per meter
While buying flexible led lights this is another important thing to consider. Number of led lights per meter must be more if you want brighter light. They generally come in different forms. Per meter can have fewer lights as well as more lights. So, you need to pick up the right pair according to your need. You can also decorate your living space with brighter led lights during your weekend party. For this purpose you need to choose a strip where leds are more per meter.
Color of lights and waterproof strips
Any colors of light can be produced by the help of RGB technique. So, if searched properly, you can get hold of any color you want to. Checking for waterproof is another important thing to do while selecting led strips. Generally 4 options are available in waterproof- gel coating, non waterproof, plastic sleeving with gel filling and non plastic sleeving. If you are planning to install led strips in wet areas like the bathroom and the kitchen, then Sylvia bulb guide advises you to go for the gel coated strips.
Go ahead and buy some bright led strips for decorating your lawn this Christmas. You can also buy some strips for creating a whole new ambience in your favorite music studio.

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