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The Many Advantages of LED Globe Bulbs

The Many Advantages of LED Globe Bulbs


led globe bulbsNowadays, people worldwide choose to replace the traditional lighting methods with LED globe bulbs because of the many advantages they bring. As a result, year by year, the LED globe bulbs are becoming more and more popular.
Great performances and eco-friendly: LED (light-emitting-diode) globe bulbs produce a bigger quantity of light than an incandescent bulb, consuming less energy at the same time. LED bulbs can use from 4 up to 5 watts and produce the same light a 25 watt incandescent bulb does. LED globe bulbs are also eco-friendly, protecting the environment by saving a significant quantity of energy. It has been proved that a LED bulb’s efficiency can reach an impressive value of 85% up to 90%, while the rest of 15%-10% is converted into heat.  On the other hand, an incandescent bulb has a 20% light efficiency, while the rest of 80% is being converted into heat. Another advantage the LED globe bulbs bring is safety. The LED bulbs do not harm the people or damage the environment because these types of bulbs are designed to be mercury-free. Moreover, a LED globe bulb is amazingly durable. Its lifespan is estimated at an incredible value of 100,000 hours, without needing any maintenance or to be replaced with another bulb. In addition to this, the light quality of the bulb continues to remain bright without any interruptions, for hours after the light bulb has been switched on.
led globe bulbsChoose the best LED globe bulbs by accessing this address:http://www.lightingever.com/. LE is a company which produces a wide variety of high-quality LED globe bulbs which have a warranty up to 5 years, a 30 day money back guarantee (in conditions such as: the bulb was damaged before its arrival, the client received another item than the purchased one or if the product doesn’t fit the client’s needs) and also has a top international quality certification.
Functional in rough conditions: Incandescent bulbs are fragile and non-resistant to external shock. These bulbs lower their performances when the temperatures are too hot or too low. Instead of that, the LED globe bulbs function efficiently no matter the temperature’s values. In the cold season, when temperatures are freezing, the LED globe bulbs are highly recommended especially for outdoor applications in order to achieve the best results.
Ideal for decoration: With their catchy aspect, LED globe bulbs can be used as beautiful pieces of decoration, being perfect for the inside or outside lighting applications. LED globe bulbs come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Whoever is interested can choose from a wide variety of items and purchase the wanted product based on their personal preferences. Check out this site for interesting outdoor and indoor decorating ideas: http://blog.lightingever.com/.

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