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The Importance of Knowing the Types of Light Bulbs before Buying

The Importance of Knowing the Types of Light Bulbs before Buying


types of light bulbsTo buy what types of light bulbs when planning to replace an old lamp, security or street light is very important. In this report we will discuss briefly some of the common light bulbs and their benefits that will help you make the right buying decision. These light bulbs are:
–    Low Pressure Sodium Lamp
–    High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps
–    Incandescent
–    Fluorescent Bulbs
–    Light Emitting Diode
Low Pressure Sodium Lamp
These types of light bulbs are very much efficient and always ready for use and consume minimum energy. They are mostly used in industrial area like highways, paths and car parking lots.
High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps
This type of bulb is also energy saving bulb and is very efficient and is created to substitute the Mercury Vapor which is used in street lighting and other sector that requires more brightness. You consider the Watts that will serve the purpose that you intend to get for example a 400W High Pressure Sodium Lamp will generate a 125 LPW against 68 LPW for Mercury Vapor. If you are types of light bulbsinterested in Horticulture High Pressure Sodium lighting applications are your best shot since they don’t cause any harm or damage to your flower or fruits.
This type of lamp is more commonly and widely used both as household lamp and the industry sector due to its high color and soft light depiction index (CRI) of 100 while that of a Mercury lamps consist of 20 – 40 CRI and this makes it hard to differentiate colors and consist of a low visual acuity. The quantity of the Incandescent per watt it consists is very low.
Fluorescent Bulbs
This type of bulb is white and the light it generates does not focus or very diffuses. What this mean is that the light can be used to create a diffuse ambient light without resulting to fiddling. They save lot of energy and are very bright. The disadvantage of using fluorescent lamps is that they shine unsteadily which can result to headaches and dangerous to persons suffering from epilepsy.
Light Emitting Diode
These types of lamps are very low in energy consumption and it is gaining more grounds in most homes and eating outlets. Unlike CFLs and incandescent lamps, the Light Emitting Diode (LED) cannot generate lots of lumens but very easy to install and use.
There are other types of light bulbs which are very efficient for both home and other commercial location and don’t consume much. There are lots of Led Lights that look very decorative which can be used for your kitchen, bathroom, toilet and office that won’t put a hole in your pocket.

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