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The importance of installing residential emergency lighting

The importance of installing residential emergency lighting


It is mandatory for most buildings these days to have some form of residential emergency lighting. In simple terms, residential emergency lighting is installed on the ceiling and it turns on whenever there is a power outage. This concept is excellent because facing a power outage without proper emergency lighting can be a very bad experience. It is highly possible that due to the darkness people get hurt or some form of criminal activity takes place.

Since these lights run on battery, you do not have to worry about them for years after having them installed. At the same time these are quite affordable and consume very little space on your ceiling. The utility that these little things provide can only be properly understood if you face a power outage and you have emergency lights installed.

residential emergency lightingThere are other forms of emergency lights like LED lamps which can be charged up and kept for power outage situations. When turned on, these lamps are extremely powerful giving you enough light to even read and write. For someone looking to get emergency lights, lamps like these might also prove to be quite useful. Emergency lights that have been installed on the ceiling however, might not be able to provide enough light to read and write. The light is enough for you to see where others are, who the others are, what they are doing, probably cook something and so on.

But at the same time emergency lights on the ceiling offer some benefits as well. For example, you need not worry about looking for them in case of a power outage which can be tricky. You do have to search for LED lamps and that may be very difficult given that the house is in darkness. You could argue that you can use the camera flash light on your phone to look for it but what if your phone doesn’t have enough battery or you cannot find your phone in the first place. In this regard emergency light on the ceiling is extremely good because they automatically switch on when you have a power outage. Another important factor that you need to consider is that since LED lamps are usually not battery operated, you need to keep them charged. If the lamps have not been charged or are not completely charged, you might again face a problem.

Residential emergency lighting has become mandatory for most buildings right now. Additionally, there is a required level of illumination that must be met at key points like exit routes and open areas. At the same time emergency lighting must be accompanied with exit signs in order to guide people to safety if evacuating the building is necessary. These lights are different from conventional lighting in aspects like life span and error percentage. They are manufactured in such a way that they have an extraordinarily long life span and extremely low chances of being defective. At the same time they have a good luminance factor and quite efficient battery usage making them apt of any sort of emergency situations.

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