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The Brightest Ideas on DIY LED Projects

The Brightest Ideas on DIY LED Projects

led tube lightLED lighting is a cheap and easy way to revamp your décor with intriguing designs and interesting effects. Versatile Led lights and LED tubes can give your room tons of flair without having to worry about complicated and expensive renovation projects.
Light Boxes
LED tube lighting is probably the easiest to use and install. The units come readymade and most simply plug in to the wall. You can hang them in strategic areas to highlight artwork or family photos to create your own mini museum or you can go a step further and create beautiful light boxes to showcase your work.
It’s as easy as having a frame, a canvas, and a bit of plexiglass. Installing the LED tubes either on top, bottom, behind or on all sides of your flame, depending on how you want it lit, can turn your posters into box-office fanfare.
The benefits are of course that the LED tubes are safe, cool to the touch, resilient, and easy to replace. They’ll last much longer than their fluorescent counterparts without any of the hassle of worrying about overheating. For the best effect, ask your local theatres for your favourite posters once the movies have stopped showing. They just might have something special!
Infinity Tables
These are truly cool pieces of artwork that use light and mirrors to achieve a really awesome effect. Properly done, they can seem to go on forever and add real pizazz to a home theatre or a game room.
The best part is of course that they’re infinitely customisable. You can choose any colour of LED you want or even program them to change patterns. Because LEDs aren’t overly bright, you don’t have to worry about the table interfering with the screens around it, and again, you’ll never have to worry about overheating.
LED Costumes
led strip lightWith cosplay becoming ever more mainstream, costumes have risen to a whole new level. These days, it’s not enough to look like your favourite character; you’ve got to be them too. You can create all the cool little trinkets from your favourite videogames or movies using LEDs, either programmable or single nodes. It’s a really cheap and easy way to push a great design over the top and give it that extra little something.
Innovative Lighting
It used to be the thing that to add a bit of colour to a room, people could throw a scarf over a lamp for a little bit. However, we know that’s neither the safest nor the most effective way to create a makeshift lightshow. Instead you can use a combination of different LED types, like tubes, nodes, or strings, to create interesting and unique effects. Even LED tubes along a backsplash can provide more light and a bit of zing to instantly update a kitchen.
Floor lighting can lend your room a more upscale look, if placed strategically behind bulking furniture. Lighting individual bookshelves and cubby cubes can also spice up your décor and create your own display cases.
With such versatile little lights, the possibilities are endless.