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The Advantages of Use MR16 LED Bulbs

The Advantages of Use MR16 LED Bulbs


At present, LED lights is the most effective lighting source. They have been used universally throughout the world. Among them, MR16 LED bulbs and GU10 LED bulbs as one of the most common types.

mr16 led bulbs
MR16 led bulbs

What is LED MR16 bulb?

“MR stands for multifaceted reflector, a pressed glass reflector with the inside (reflecting side) surface composed of facets and covered by a reflective coating. These facets provide optical control by gathering the light from the filament to create a concentrated beam of light. The reflectors of some MR lamps have a smooth inside surface instead of facets, but they are still called MR lamps by convention.”

Why we should choose LED MR16 bulb?

  1. MR16 bulbs is completely eco-friendly and no harmful radiation. The other conventional light sources waste a lot of energy in the form of heat and this problem is rectified in the case of MR 16 lights.
  2. MR16 bulbs provides about 40,000 hours of high life. this is comparatively very high considering the other conventional light sources. This means that they will run more than the ordinary light sources and should not have to be replaced soon.
  3. MR16 bulbs size is very small. they can be used for a variety of applications because of this specialty. Even though the size is small it doesn’t compromise with its performance. MR16 can be used in many applications where the size of the lighting source matters. this is a major advantage of LED MR16 bulb.
  4. The light distribution of MR 16 is pretty good. No matter what application we are using the distribution of light is an important factor when we are comparing LED lights. This will come handy when these lights are installed as car head lamps.
  5. MR16 bulbs another big advantage is light provided by MR 16 is more whitish than yellowish, increased color rendering index.
  6. MR16 bulbs energy efficient. In the case of led lights typically MR 16 about 90 percent of the supplied energy is converted into light.

led mr16 bulb

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