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The Advantages of Installing LED Lighting Fixtures

The Advantages of Installing LED Lighting Fixtures


led lighting fixturesLED or Light Emitting Diode lighting fixtures are new innovations in the world of lighting. Light Emitting Diode (LED), from its name, is a light emitting diode assembled to form a lamp used in lighting fixtures.LED lamps are far a better development as they are electrically efficient and have a very longer lifespan than incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
LED bulbs have already become a replacement to other bulbs as it is believed that its use is expected to multiply twelve times in the next ten years. Not only does its high production justify its “must have” label but also the numerous benefits of LED lighting fixtures.
Therefore, what are the advantages of installing LED lighting fixtures? They are too many but below are few being mentioned.
LED Lighting Fixtures Save Money
LED lighting fixtures are energy efficient. They consume small amount of energy (electricity). In fact, they can make use of direct current, DC to generate light thereby, saving the energy consumed. This saves up to 40 to 50 percent energy compared to fluorescent and incandescent lamps.
led lighting fixturesAlso, although LED bulbs cost little more than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, they last longer. Before changing a LED bulb, you may end up changing an incandescent or a fluorescent bulb three to four times. In fact, the average lifespan of fluorescent bulb is approximately 8,000 hours. That of incandescent bulb is 1,200 hours. Meanwhile,a LED bulb lasts 50,000 hours. Doing the mathematics, there are approximately 8,760 hours in a year. Therefore, a LED bulb can last for about 5 to 6 years if they are put on every hour of the day – which is probably not going to happen.
LED Lighting Fixtures are a Source of Brighter and Efficient Light
The average light emitted by a LED light fixture is enormously more than that of incandescent bulbs with minimum amount of heat being released compared to incandescent bulbs. Therefore, a higher efficiency is achieved.
LED fixtures are capable of producing 90 – 160 lumens per watt. Therefore, they generate brighter light than other forms of bulb except sodium bulbs which are used as street light.
LED Lighting Fixtures can be Used Both Indoor and Outdoor
led lighting fixturesLED lighting fixtures with its illumination efficiency and design, can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It can be used in offices, homes, churches, recreation centers, and aquarium and so on.

LED Lighting Fixture is Durable
As explained earlier, LED bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs. They have a longer lifespan and are therefore cost effective as they serve their time and purpose well.
Different Design to Choose From
The LED light fixtures are designed stylishly for unique applications. The lighting fixtures are designed in such a way that you have many designs to pick from based on your taste and purpose. They are designed for kitchens, cabinets,security lights etc. You can choose from several models to best suit your home or office.

In addition, during festival periods such as Christmas and New Year, people usually use more light fixtures and put them on more than when there are no festivals. That been said, there is no one that won’t want to go for something that is cheaper and also more efficient. Therefore, finding holiday lights that don’t cost as much as others in terms of energy consumption is of paramount importance.
The advantages of using LED lighting fixtures are far too many when compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Apart from their elegant designs that beautify where they are used (e.g. home or office), they are efficient, conservative, durable, economical and innovative lighting systems.

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