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Take the LED Work Light to Light Your Work

Take the LED Work Light to Light Your Work


Portable LED Work LightLED work light are not new to many people. Actually LED work light function very similarly to traditional lights except for the difference that LED work light don’t have filaments and depend on the movement of electricity along the path of semiconductors to produce lighting. However, LED work light do have many advantages that traditional light bulbs don’t have. Apart from the benefits that LED work light are energy-saving and eco-friendly, there is also an useful character to recommend: many LED work light can be used in very chilly temperatures as well as in hot temperatures, ranging from high up to 135°to well below freezing, which makes them suitable for use in a variety of conditions. There are several characters which may help you understand whether a particular LED work light suits you or not.

The first thing to consider is the type of light, that’s to say, whether you need a spotlight or a floodlight or other types of light. Next comes to how bright you need your LED work light to be. Then comes to the working environment, for example, whether you need your LED work light to be waterproof or vibration proof. In case you are interested, we offer you a sample.

10w Portable LED Work Light
10W Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light

This is a 10w LED work light, rechargeable and portable. The type of light is flood lights, with a beam angle of 120 degree. This LED work light has 700lm brightness, equal to 100w halogen bulb, thus saving energy op to 90%. The lithium battery can be charged by standard power source (100-240v AC) or car power (10-16v DC), very easy and convenient. It is not only scratch and fade resistant but also waterproof (IP65), shockproof and vibration proof. You are welcome to have a try, and we will offer you the best purchase experience.

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