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LED Bulbs Applications as Auxiliary Lights for Improved Safety: What Can GU10 Light Bulbs Do for the Automotive Industry?

August 30, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow

5W Dimmable MR16 GU10 LED Bulbs

In the automotive industry, GU10 light bulbs are recognized as an excellent option for auxiliary lighting. While many types of light bulbs are fine as auxiliary lights, these GU10 bulbs are preferred for supplemental lighting. Their 10mm size makes them suitable in auxiliary lighting – in particular, as dome lights. …

Guide for using LED Security Lighting

August 26, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow

30W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Security matters have taken front place during the recent years. Almost all the spheres of the normal activity of mankind nowadays involve observation of security precautions. Houses, apartments, living compounds, offices, business venues, industries, and every premise everywhere security has become important. At night time the requirement increases manifolds whence …

Use LE GU10 LED Bulbs For Home and Office Lighting

August 23, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow


Nowadays, LED light bulbs are the latest in household lighting technology. GU10 LED light bulbs are the perfect choice for many homeowners because they give you a range of benefits that will help your home to stay light and bright for years. LED GU10 bulbs are the major technology breakthrough …

Know the key features of led lighting

July 28, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow

dimmable gu10 led bulbs

With the continuous advancement of technology, the development of LED industry is also changing. today we will tell you what are the performance characteristics of the LED lighting,so that you have a more sensible choice when buying lighting. key features of led lighting Performance 1.Energy conservation LED is a cold …