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Different Uses for LED Flood Lights

January 11, 2018 by Sarah Longfellow

50w outdoor led flood lights

LED flood lights have a wide variety of use, but to fully understand how it can be so versatile, it is important to look at what floodlights are and the benefits of using the LED type. What are floodlights? Flood lights are special types of lighting fixture designed to illuminate …

Best Guide for Buying LED Flood Lights For Outdoor

September 25, 2017 by Sarah Longfellow

70W LED Floodlight

Outdoor LED flood lights are generally used for a lot of reasons, whether is to light a building, a field, car park, garden or any similar terrain. In some cases, they can be used as an accent or task lighting and security lighting. In this article, we will go through …

Night Lighting: How To Choose The Right Light And Lamps?

February 20, 2017 by Sarah Longfellow

LED flood lights

With the progress of social and economic life, more and more people to participate in the city’s nightlife. Night lighting has become one of the city’s important landscape. In general, the designer’s superb design strength is one of the important factors in creating excellent night lighting projects. In addition, the …

The Guide for Outdoor LED Floodlight – Lighting Ever

October 2, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow

100w led floodlight

I think, when most people think of outdoor LED floodlight, decoration isn’t their first thought. But most home or shop owners use these lights as a way to prevent crime from happening on their property. Adding LED flood lights to your doorway , parking lot, garage and company will create …

The Benefits of LED Floodlights

August 23, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow

10w led floodlights

Whether your need for flood lighting is for residential or commercial use, it is important to choose the most cost-effective lights.  Here are some things that you need to consider when deciding what type to use. Cost There is a huge difference between price and cost.  Cheaper lighting options may …

What Makes LEDs the Perfect Choice for Outdoor Flood Lights?

August 17, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow


When the sun goes down, homes and other properties need outdoor flood lights for effective lighting within their premises and immediate surroundings. This is important for their security and helps direct their employees and visitors to where they should be. Many consumers use incandescent lights in their properties. However, because …

Why LED Outdoor Flood Lights Are Better Than Halogen Flood Lights

August 11, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow

50w bright outdoor flood lights

LED outdoor flood lights have become a popular choice for more and more people nowadays because of the numerous benefits of using them. LED has many advantages over other types of flood lights, including halogen outdoor flood lights. Halogen has always struggled with having a low lumen per watt, so …

How Floodlights can Keep your Home Safe

August 7, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow

30w led floodlights

Your home is your place of refuge.  It is where you and your loved ones relax and put your feet up after a stressful day. This is why you need to make sure that it has all the necessary comforts – from comfortable furniture to modern appliances. Your home is …

LED Flood Lights as the Family’s Light Detective

December 22, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow

led flood lights

LED lights are the new rock stars of the lighting world. One of the kinds is LED flood lights which can be used to light up your deck, porch and yard. In addition to these smaller places, LED flood lights can also be used in large places, such as the …