Home Kitchen Lighting IdeasSuggestions and ideas for great kitchen pendant lighting
Suggestions and ideas for great kitchen pendant lighting

Suggestions and ideas for great kitchen pendant lighting


Lighting is one of the main decorative elements in any room. Choosing the correct lighting can have significant impact on the style and beauty of the room. In a kitchen, lighting plays a crucial role because in addition to making a style statement, it also needs to be bright and functional. So, if you do not want the glare of those sadly ordinary flush mounted lights on your ceiling, you can check out the far trendier kitchen pendant lighting. Pendant lights are highly focused lights which are hung over the dining area or the island of your kitchen. Kitchen pendant lighting is all the rage now because the beauty and functionality of these lights are unparalleled.
Advantages of using pendant lights in the kitchen
kitchen pendant ligthingIf you are thinking of using pendant lights in your kitchen, here are the advantages:
•    The lights are hung just above your head. This delivers a very focused and strong lighting to your work station making your job easier. The diffused light spread in the rest of the kitchen creating a beautiful aura. This is far better looking and more functional than either the flush mounted or the recessed lights.
•    Beautiful, stylish and sophisticated, you can find a vast variety of style and look of the pendant lights. While nothing is specifically sold for the kitchen, you can easily choose the one that suits the décor.
•    Using the pendant lights focuses the attention of specific areas while the soft glow in the rest of the room adds character to it.
•    These lights can be easily installed in the existing mount fixtures for flush light. So, you will be able to replace the uninspiring flush lights for the sophisticated pendants with little trouble.
•    These lights are also very easy to install on track lights.
Some different types of pendant lights
kitchen pendant lightingWhile no pendant lights are designed specifically for the kitchen, you can choose from many different styles and varieties available in the market. Here are some common ones:
•    Lights made of clear glass are exotic and beautiful, especially with small bubbles in the glass. They add sparkle to your kitchen.
•    Glass globe pendants are also very popular. Since they are transparent, they can be used even in small areas.
•    For a more modern look, you can browse through the various industrial style pendant lights. They may be made from copper or stainless steel and has a rough hewn look. It goes great with a modern décor of your kitchen.
•    For more quirky look which is also more functional, you can use a reading light with very long arms as pendants on your work area in the kitchen.
•    Weighted pulley lamps can be adjusted to different heights and impart an edgy look to the décor.
•    You can use pendants of different touches of color and hang them at different heights to add variety to the design.
•    Pendants in exotic style like the Moroccan lamps can make a strong statement.
Kitchen pendant lighting provides vast opportunities to showcase your designing ideas and your beautiful kitchen. So, give the kitchen lighting some serious though before you start shopping for them.

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