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Submersible LED Lights A Kind of Lights that can Dive

Submersible LED Lights A Kind of Lights that can Dive

Submersible LED lights, also known as underwater LED lights, are commonly used in decorating flower vases, centerpieces and illuminating fountains and aquariums. One thing to be sure is that submersible LED lights can really have a WOW effect in creating wonderful and romantic ambience. In this article, we will introduce two types of submersible LED lights: submersible LED tea lights and LED lights for aquariums.

submersbile led lightsSubmersible LED Tea Lights
This kind of submersible LED lights can definitely give your dinner table setting an attractive and elegant appearance, thus leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Benefits of using submersible LED tea lights include: they produce little heat, and won’t be a time bomb because of hours of burning; they use little electricity and are cost effective; their types and colors are rich in variations, very easy and convenient in creating a romantic ambiance for wedding centerpieces, party or restaurant decorations.

Submersible LED Lights for Aquariums
We will do our explanation by making a comparison among incandescent, fluorescent, and submersible LED lights.
submersible led lightsIncandescent lights are typical in emitting a yellowish light, incapable of imitating all-natural light. This kind of lights is mostly used for tiny aquariums simply for the reason that they are not expensive and don’t have very brilliant light.
Compared with incandescent lights, the light produced by fluorescent lights is much brighter and whiter. Fluorescent lights with certain spectrums are available, for example, brightly-colored fish and healthy plants need a “full spectrum” while tropical fish needs the purple spectrum.
Compared with the above two types of lights, submersible LED lights have a lot of advantages. They are energy-efficient, capable of emitting the same brightness with less electricity. The most important thing is that submersible LED lights transfer no heat to your fish or plants; therefore you needn’t worry about burning issues.