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Something you should know when your projector bulbs go out

Something you should know when your projector bulbs go out


A projector is a machine that project slides or other visual material onto a screen. Using a projector during presentations is a basic thing. However, the thought about projector bulbs do not enter one’s thought until they get busted. When the bulb goes out, it is an advantage if you know what to buy. You might be troubled with different brands of projector bulbs to use, that is why going for a wise choice can be a brief ordeal for you.
Types of projector bulb
There are different types of projectors and each requires a different type. The kind of projector bulb you should buy depends on the kind of projector you have and its model. Old models which existed before year 2000 have a life of about 1000 hours. New versions of projector bulb have more than double lasting power and can stay alight for about 2000 hours or more. However, some brands can stay much longer. There are even bulbs that stay burning for 6 thousand continuous hours.
For a slide projector, an incandescent one is the type that is used. Usually, the incandescent bulb is fan cooled to keep it from getting too hot and causing damage to the rest of the components of the projector.
projector bulbsMovie projectors typically use a xenon arc bulb. This type has been around for a while and relies on xenon gas compressed at high rates to operate.
Over head projectors are favored in the classroom and use a diachronic reflector type. This type of bulb looks like a flood light. This is also a fan cooled incandescent light, but it has reflective material built into it.
LED technology has produced a LED type, and this type primarily geared toward use in home projectors. Over time with technological improvements, the LED bulb have been greatly improved, they are cheaper to use and have a longer life. This is why LED projector bulbs has become very popular alternatives to the incandescent bulbs.
There are the ones whose life may depend on the brightness, such that when you turn down the brightness, you add more hours to its staying power. If you want to lengthen the life of your projector bulb, use only a certain enough brightness you need. You will know you need to replace the bulb when the image begins to dim.
Cost of a Bulb
The bulb is costly,with the price ranging between fifteen and one hundred dollars. Usually, the life span is not that great either, but most of the home use is not excessive so the bulb does not burnout as quickly, usually business and school applications will go through bulbs much quicker.
A projector bulb can be purchased directly from the manufacturer of the projector or through some office supply stores. Some are very easy to find while some are not. There are online sources for finding a bulb. The series make and model will be needed to make sure you order the correct bulb. A bulb is usually pretty specific to a given model, so there really is not a lot of lead way in purchasing generic options.

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