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Small led light bulbs  Brilliant ideas for lighting everywhere

Small led light bulbs Brilliant ideas for lighting everywhere


small led light bulbsDo you need to decorate your garden and you’re thinking of adding some small led light bulbs in the pond? Are you looking to redecorate and you want to draw attention to a special painting? For any situation that you can think of, we give you the best small led light bulbs, waterproof and durable, to lighten up your life!
Our products
Our products follow high quality standards, bringing lighting solutions for personal and commercial use. From shopping mall lighting to LED car lights and flashlights, Lighting Ever has a large variety of products that you can choose from:
•    LED Bulbs
•    Commercial Lighting
•    Ceiling Lights
•    Outdoor Lighting
•    LED Strip
•    Lamps
•    Flashlights
•    LED Grow Lights
•    LED Car Lights
•    Accessories
All products come with high quality, reasonable prices and a long lifetime, using less energy than usual light bulbs. Besides, they come in different models and colors, so they can match any décor you need or any redecoration that you want to apply, or any that other light bulb you need to replace.
Why LED Bulbs?
small led light bulbsThe main reason to purchase our light bulbs is because they can fit in any background. They save over 85% of the energy, are safe to install in places where there’s the risk of you touching them, and they are eco-friendly, with no mercury, having a low maintenance cost. Besides, they are safe for society, since they broadcast only safe lighting, with no infrared or ultraviolet radiations.
Our LED bulbs come with a 3-year warranty, having a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, so that they will not be required replacement like cheap and low quality bulbs do. Our products are shockproof and vibration proof, as well as waterproof, so you won’t have any bad experiences when cleaning the bulbs with a wet towel. However, even though our light bulbs are safe, we don’t recommend using wet materials next to an electronic device, to keep you safe.

Adapted to personal needs
We also think that our lighting solutions are perfect for you. Do you want to know why?
As stated above, all of our products are of high quality, adapted to everyone’s need. On our website you have the possibility to choose various models, colors, voltages, so that your personal use will receive the right lighting solution. For instance, you have the option to select the products depending on the wattage, base type, if it’s dimmable or not, incandescent equivalent, fluorescent equivalent, light color, bulb shape, beam angle, halogen equivalent and if you want it to be waterproof or not.
You can use them indoor, outdoor, in commercial spaces, offices, even in your personal garden. Our light solutions can fit in any wall, due to their shape that can fit anywhere. They come in various models, colors and wattages, with a 3 year warranty, making them perfect for your personal or commercial use. High quality, long lifetime, economic and adaptable, our small led light bulbs are the perfect solution to lighten up your life!

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