Save Money while Enjoy Delicacy with LED Outdoor Lighting

December 7, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow

outdoor LED flood lights

outdoor LED flood lights

Have you ever encountered such awkwardness that when you were lying on deck chairs with a cup of sweet juice in hand to enjoy the tranquil evening beauty of your garden, an old dull light bulb suddenly got burned out and your entire good mood was ruined in the blink of an eye? Well, if you had, there comes a good solution: replace your old lighting with LED outdoor lighting. Actually, for all homeowners who are looking for an attractive and warm ambient lighting on the outside of their homes, LED outdoor lighting is the perfect choice.

LED outdoor lighting not only can provide aesthetic lighting to highlight specific landscape features, flowerbeds, fountains and pools but also can serve as functional lighting to illuminate driveways or walkways. Rich in color variations and fixture types, LED outdoor lighting won’t intrude the overall background but enhance the entire beauty. From the economical aspect, LED outdoor lighting as your money saver can’t be beat. Usually, LED light fixtures can save up to 75%-80% energy to emit the same amount of lighting. Therefore, a 3.7w LED light is equal to a 20w halogen bulb while a 8.5w LED light is equal to a 35w halogen bulb.

outdoor party lightsNot only does LED outdoor lighting save money on your electrical bills, it also has many other advantages. Take LED strips as outdoor decoration lighting for example. You can use them to decorate your outdoor deck railing, and as LED strips produce almost no heat, you won’t get burned when touching the railing. Another bonus is that LED outdoor lighting doesn’t give off UV lights so you won’t see bugs surrounding the light. In addition to strip lights, there are many other types and styles of LED lights which can serve as outdoor lighting, such as LED flood lights, LED wall pack lights. These LED outdoor lighting can be added to your original lighting systems so you won’t have to worry about the installation. So why not have a try of LED outdoor lighting? Sometimes it is good to have a change!