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RGB Smart LED Flood Light User Guide

RGB Smart LED Flood Light User Guide


Thank you for your purchase. For a better experience, please use the flood light according to the following instructions and retain this manual appropriately for future reference.

Installation Precautions
1. Please check the lamp carefully prior to installation.
2. Please ensure the power is off before wiring and installation.
3. To ensure the normal work of the lamp, please use the voltage indicated on the package.
4. To ensure its longevity, please do not use this lamp under corrosive conditions.
5. Please do not retrofit the lamp within the warranty period.
6. If the lamp gets damaged, please cut off the power and stop using it immediately.

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Components and Structure

components and structure

How to Install
Step 1
Drill two holes according to the lamp bracket size and then screw the lamp on.

step 1
Step 2
Adjust the light direction as you like and fasten the bracket screw tightly before you plug the lamp into the main socket.

step 2
Step 3
Please download the iLUX Mesh from the APP Store, Google Play Store or scan the QR code below.
Note: The software is compatible with the smartphones which support Android version 4.4 or above, IOS 8.0 or above and requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above. Please activate Bluetooth and give the app the required permissions when stating it.

step 3
Step 4
Arrange up to 50 lamps. For two or more lamps, please make sure the distance of each lamp does not exceed 10m/32.80ft. The furthest distance in a lamp group between the last lamp to the user cannot surpass 100m/328.08ft. Barriers like walls, doors, furniture, etc. can influence the signal. The maximum quantity of smartphones should not exceed the amount of lamps installed.

Step 5
Click the button 三 in the app to get further instructions on how to use the APP.

Step 6
If the lamp cannot be found by the app it may be required to rest the lamp. To do so, continuously disconnect and connect the lamp from the main supply for five times. The lamp has been reset successfully when it starts flashing.

1. Unable to find the lamps?
•Check if your Smartphone system and Bluetooth version are compatible with the iLUX Mesh APP (refer to the Step 3).
•Do not connect directly via Bluetooth to a lamp. Use the app for connecting only.
•Check if the APP did obtain all required permissions.
•To ensure the normal work of the APP, the lamps should be not controlled by too many users simultaneously (refer to FAQ 3).
•Reset the lamp if you cannot find the lamp (refer to FAQ 4).
2. How many lamps can be controlled and in which distance?
•Each smartphone can control up to 50 lamps in the ideal condition if the signal connection of each lamps is good.
•The max separation cannot exceed 10 meters. If the lamps are installed in and environment with obstacles such as walls, doors, furniture it may be required to reduce the distance.
3. How many smartphone with the APP can be used to control lamps at the same time?
•The maximum quantity of the smartphone should not exceed the amount of lamps installed.
4. How to reset the lamp?
•Continuously disconnect the lamp from mains supply five times then the lamp will be reset successfully when it starts flashing.
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The product is under warranty for 2 years beginning on the date of purchase. If you require assistance, please contact customer service. We provide service for product bought from LE or from certified LE retailers. If you purchased this product elsewhere, please contact the place of purchase to get customer support.

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  1. my phone has lost connection with light bulb (BR30 E26/E27) .. will not reconnect .. i have “reset” bulb (flashing) .. uninstalled and re-installed app … still will not connect …… any ideas???

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