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Outdoor patio string lights to change the view of the house

Outdoor patio string lights to change the view of the house


outdoor patio string lightsWhen it comes to celebrate, we humans never back down. We start decorating everything, starting from our houses or workplaces. We use different ways to make sure that our decoration is speaking for itself and spread the message that this celebration is for some special reason. Lights are the soul element when we talk about decoration, a proper lighting alone is considered as a proper decoration. When we put outdoor patio string lights, the view of the house or the place immediately changes to something much more attractive and beautiful. Patio strings light are the old time favorite lighting style which used for any happy event or moment which demands celebration.
In outdoor patio string lights, small light bulbs are used and are covered together under a clear PVC material, in this arrangement the bulbs are at equal distance from each other connected with thin wires to complete the circuit. These long rope like lights can be made as long as the demand is, as the structure/design of these lights are flexible enough to provide the freedom to choose. Patio light not only gives the freedom to choose the length of the string, but also the freedom to choose the design, colour, bulb’s shape(which resembles cat, fish, dog, flower, etc.), pattern of on/off, etc.  These lights are also traditional christmas lights and can also be used during summer holidays.
outdoor patio string lightsLED Patio lights
In these kinds of lights, led bulbs are used which have got very interesting property to generate colour itself. That is, these bulbs don’t need any kind of colour paper or layer on themselves to give out different colours. These LED bulbs when given an input of current produce different colours and the moment the current is switched off, the bulbs become colourless. LED rope lights are quite better option because of its power consumption too. These bulbs consume very low electricity and more specifically they consume 1 watt/foot which is very economical. These lights have got a long life and hence are bit more expensive than traditional patio lights.
Incandescent Patio lights
This is another kind of the patio lights also the traditional one which is being used from 19’s, when LED wasn’t famous. In this type the bulbs don’t emitt out colours by themselves, rather they just emitt white lights and the covering of the coloured paper or the layer of a colour makes that white light colourful. In terms of power consumption incandescent outdoor patio string lights are not the favorable one. As these lights consume 3 watt/foot, which is 3 times more than the LED. But as the life of these lights is shorter than LED, so the price to buy these lights is also low, which is quite useful for one-time lighting.
So whenever we need to light up the staircase, garden, pool, walls of the house, driveway, shed, etc. outdoor patio string lights is the right way to do so.

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