Home Outdoor Lighting IdeasOutdoor motion sensor light Lights up your outdoors now for added security
Outdoor motion sensor light Lights up your outdoors now for added security

Outdoor motion sensor light Lights up your outdoors now for added security


outdoor motion sensor lightIn today’s hectic lifestyle where we are always on the go, we probably spend most of our time outside of our house during the day and only come back at night to catch a good night’s sleep and prepare ourselves for tomorrow. That is where you are going to need an outdoor motion sensor light as an added piece of protection from an intruder or just to get rid of the pesky animals. So what is outdoor motion sensor light you might ask?
Before we proceed, let’s talk about the fundamentals first and how it works. A motion sensor is a device that is able to detect any moving objects which includes people and animal. A motion sensor is often used together as a part of a security system rather than just a standalone device. It can also be used as part of an automated lighting control, home control, energy efficiency as well as other systems.
For home security purpose, it is made up of an electronic motion sensor which could contain an optical, microwave, acoustic sensor or a transmitter for illuminating a particular area. A passive motion sensor is then able to detect a signal which is being emitted by the moving object in the covered area. Most motion sensor is able to detect a moving object up to a distance of approximately 15 feet or 5 meters. It has a semicircular field of view which can view up to 240 degrees. If you need to cover a much bigger area, then you have to go for a tomographic motion sensor system which uses radio waves and are working at frequencies which can even penetrate most walls.outdoor motion sensor light
Now that you know how it works, let’s check out where to install the motion sensor light. If security is your main priority, you can install the lights to cover all entrances leading to your house. This includes all your gates, patio door and the dark areas of your yard especially around the trees and bushes where an intruder might play the hide and seek tactic. If placed correctly, the intruder will know that you mean business and it will scare most of them away.
Once you have determined on the places that you want them to be installed, it is best to mount the motion sensor light at 6-10 feet above ground. This allows it to capture most movement that occurs across the sensitivity zone rather than only towards the motion sensor. Also at that height, the motion sensor light would be out of reach of most intruders anyway.
With lots of selection available for choosing an outdoor motion sensor light, it will then have to be decided on the brightness of the light, how wide and how far the motion sensor is able to detect for movement and ultimately how much that you are willing to spend to have a piece of mind at your own sweet home.

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