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One stop solution to all your lighting needs

One stop solution to all your lighting needs


Make your life brighter with the brightest LED bulbs and see the world in a newer light. H7 bulb with its plug and play orientation can be used as easily as ordinary halogen bulbs. It is the brightest headlight presently available in the market and at the same time 100% street legal. It consists of dual filaments which can be used for both low and high beam. The incandescent lamp would be operating the same filament temperature with greater efficacy. An h7 bulb twin pack would give you 2 high end halogen headlight bulbs featuring considerable improvements over the normal halogen bulbs which would give you enhanced down road visibility by 40%, give you 50% brighter light and increase your side road visibility by 50%.
h7 bulbBrighten up your life by switching to the brightest LED bulbs which would not only improve the look of your room but also help you with conserving energy. Unlike conventional light sources, the brightest LED bulbs doesn’t require too much energy and the heat produced by it is absorbed by a heat sink thus making it safer to use. Moreover you can select a colour which would go with your room and make your living space more bright and cheery. They are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use and the brightest LED bulbs by Lighting Ever will surely provide your home and yard with all the brightness you need. So the next time a bulb breaks in your home be sure to replace it with a LED bulb which is a much better and greener alternative to ordinary light bulbs. LED bulbs can also be used to enhance the look of your vehicle and to enhance their visibility in night time. LED bulbs are one of the most sought after items within the category of power saving appliances and contrary to popular notions these bulbs are neither dim nor boring. Instead of lighting up your yard with a high power yellow light which is not at all soothing to the eye you can choose to light it up with LED fairy light or solar jar lights.
Switch on to h7 bulbs for better protection with its 20-20 vision. Moreover they come with a warrantee of 2 years which is probably the longest life for any bulb. They would give you more than 110% more light compared to your standard halogen bulbs and its light beam which is 40 meter long would help you locate the hazards on the way beforehand. The lights are 20% whiter so as to reduce the strain of your eyes and in order to make your night drive a pleasurable experience. H7 bulbs are very easy to install as you simply need to replace the existing bulbs in your car. Though the LED lights are more expensive than ordinary bulbs, you can recover your initial expenses by saving a lot on your electricity bill. Switch to LED lights and h7 bulbs for a better and more efficient lighting. Buy your lights from lightingever.com and be prepared to get amazing discounts.

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