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Night Lighting: How To Choose The Right Light And Lamps?

Night Lighting: How To Choose The Right Light And Lamps?


With the progress of social and economic life, more and more people to participate in the city’s nightlife. Night lighting has become one of the city’s important landscape.

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In general, the designer’s superb design strength is one of the important factors in creating excellent night lighting projects. In addition, the choice of light source and lamp is the basis for shaping the excellent night lighting project. Look at the night lighting project, how to choose the right light and lamps?

First, how to choose light source ?

  • The life of the light source. Night lighting is basically installed in the outdoor, a large temperature change will affect the life of the light source. In addition, the outdoor lighting installation environment is more complex, light replacement and maintenance more difficult, so choose a long-life light source is very important.
  • Light efficiency of the light source. Under normal circumstances, the lighting design should avoid the use of high power spotlights, to meet the lighting effects of using small and medium power light source.
  • Color temperature. General tropical areas should use high color temperature light source to create a cool feeling; cold areas should use low color temperature light source to create a warm feeling.

Second, how to choose the lamp ?

The choice of outdoor lighting should follow the following basic principles:

  • In addition to special requirements, the general should as much as possible using stereotypes products to easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Use high efficiency, good quality, long life, energy-saving lamps.
  • Lamps should reach specific protection class. Underwater lighting should use waterproof lamps and protection level should be greater than or equal to IP68, outdoor lamps should be greater than or equal to IP55.
  • Lamps should have good corrosion resistance, especially in coastal areas. In order to protect personal safety, all parts of the lamp must be use insulating material and good anti-electric shock protection.
  • According to the characteristics of the lighting target and lighting design requirements to select the appropriate beam angle.
  • Night lighting commonly used lamps:

LED flood lights

Fluorescent lamps / LED lights (applications): decorative lighting, roads and bridges, gardens, advertising, squares etc .

Flood lights: road and bridge, trees, advertising, squares, water features, rocks etc .

Buried lights : flood lighting, trails, trees, squares, rocks etc .

Fiber lights: decorative lighting, lanterns, gardens, water features, squares etc .

Lawn lights: small roads, gardens, squares and so on .

Garden lights: road and bridge, gardens, squares, courtyards etc .

Solar lights: lights lanterns, roads and bridges, gardens, courtyards, squares and so on.

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3 thoughts on “Night Lighting: How To Choose The Right Light And Lamps?

  1. I want a white, 30′ exterior strip (tape) light I can attach in a wall recess to illuminate a walkway and want to operate it from a 110 exterior outlet. I see you have one that operates on 12v; do you have one that operates on 110v or could I adapt these to a 110v outlet? Also how would these attach to a sand stucco surface? Also can I bend this tape 90 degrees at a corner?

    1. Hi my friend, could you kindly tell us how long your wallway is? And for For 12V strip lights, you can bend it to 90 degrees at a corner

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